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RFC 1117

Network Working Group                                          S. Romano
Request for Comments: 1117                                      M. Stahl
Obsoletes RFCs: 1062, 1020, 997, 990, 960, 943,                M. Recker
923, 900, 870, 820, 790, 776, 770, 762,                          SRI-NIC
758, 755, 750, 739, 604, 503, 433, 349                       August 1989
Obsoletes IENs:  127, 117, 93

                            INTERNET NUMBERS

Status of this Memo

   This memo is an official status report on the network numbers and the
   autonomous system numbers used in the Internet community.
   Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


   This Network Working Group Request for Comments documents the
   currently assigned network numbers and gateway autonomous systems.
   This RFC will be updated periodically, and in any case current
   information can be obtained from Hostmaster at the DDN Network
   Information Center (NIC).

         DDN Network Information Center
         SRI International
         333 Ravenswood Avenue
         Menlo Park, California  94025

         Phone: 1-800-235-3155

         Network mail: HOSTMASTER@NIC.DDN.MIL

   Most of the protocols used in the Internet are documented in the RFC
   series of notes.  Some of the items listed are undocumented.  Further
   information on protocols can be found in the memo "Official Internet
   Protocols" [40].  The more prominent and more generally used are
   documented in the "DDN Protocol Handbook" [17] prepared by the NIC.
   Other collections of older or obsolete protocols are contained in the
   "Internet Protocol Transition Workbook" [18], or in the "ARPANET
   Protocol Transition Handbook" [19].  For further information on
   ordering the complete 1985 DDN Protocol Handbook, contact the
   Hostmaster.  Also, the Internet Activities Board (IAB) publishes the
   "IAB Official Protocol Standards" [52], which describes the state of
   standardization of protocols used in the Internet.  This document is
   issued quarterly.  Current copies may be obtained from the DDN
   Network Information Center.

Romano, Stahl & Recker                                          [Page 1]

RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 The lists below contain the name and network mailbox of the individuals responsible for each registered network or autonomous system. The bracketed entry, e.g., [nn,iii], at the right hand margin of the page indicates a reference for the listed network or autonomous system, where the number ("nn") cites the document and the letters ("iii") cite the NIC Handle of the responsible person. The NIC Handle is a unique identifier that is used in the NIC WHOIS/NICNAME service. People occasionally change electronic mailboxes. To find out the current network mailbox or phone number for an individual, or to get information about a registered network, use the NIC WHOIS/NICNAME service or contact HOSTMASTER@NIC.DDN.MIL. The convention used for the documentation of Internet Protocols is to express numbers in decimal and to picture data in "big-endian" order [39]. That is, fields are described left to right, with the most significant octet on the left and the least significant octet on the right. The order of transmission of the header and data described in this document is resolved to the octet level. Whenever a diagram shows a group of octets, the order of transmission of those octets is the normal order in which they are read in English. For example, in the following diagram the octets are transmitted in the order they are numbered. 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Transmission Order of Bytes Whenever an octet represents a numeric quantity the left most bit in the diagram is the high order or most significant bit. That is, the bit labeled 0 is the most significant bit. For example, the following diagram represents the value 170 (decimal). 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0| +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Significance of Bits Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 2]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 Similarly, whenever a multi-octet field represents a numeric quantity the left most bit of the whole field is the most significant bit. When a multi-octet quantity is transmitted the most significant octet is transmitted first. Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 3]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 NETWORK NUMBERS The network numbers listed here are used as internet addresses by the Internet Protocol (IP) [14,26]. The IP uses a 32-bit address field and divides that address into a network part and a "rest" or local address part. The division takes 4 forms or classes. The first type of address, or class A, has a 7-bit network number and a 24-bit local address. The highest-order bit is set to 0. This allows 128 class A networks. 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |0| NETWORK | Local Address | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Class A Address The second type of address, class B, has a 14-bit network number and a 16-bit local address. The two highest-order bits are set to 1-0. This allows 16,384 class B networks. 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |1 0| NETWORK | Local Address | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Class B Address The third type of address, class C, has a 21-bit network number and a 8-bit local address. The three highest-order bits are set to 1-1-0. This allows 2,097,152 class C networks. 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |1 1 0| NETWORK | Local Address | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Class C Address Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 4]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 The fourth type of address, class D, is used as a multicast address [13]. The four highest-order bits are set to 1-1-1-0. 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |1 1 1 0| multicast address | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Class D Address Note: No addresses are allowed with the four highest-order bits set to 1-1-1-1. These addresses, called "class E", are reserved. One commonly used notation for internet host addresses divides the 32-bit address into four 8-bit fields and specifies the value of each field as a decimal number with the fields separated by periods. This is called the "dotted decimal" notation. For example, the internet address of VENERA.ISI.EDU in dotted decimal is, or The dotted decimal notation will be used in the listing of assigned network numbers. The class A networks will have nnn.rrr.rrr.rrr, the class B networks will have nnn.nnn.rrr.rrr, and the class C networks will have nnn.nnn.nnn.rrr, where nnn represents part or all of a network number and rrr represents part or all of a local address. There are four catagories of users of Internet Addresses: Research, Defense, Government (Non-Defense), and Commercial. To reflect the allocation of network identifiers among the categories, a one- character code is placed to the left of the network number: R for Research, D for Defense, G for Government, and C for Commercial (see Appendix A for further details on this division of the network identification). Network numbers are assigned for networks that are connected to the research Internet and operational Internet, and for independent networks that use the IP family protocols (these are usually commercial). These independent networks are marked with an asterisk preceding the number. The administrators of independent networks must apply separately for permission to interconnect their network with the Internet. Independent networks should not be listed in the working tables of the Internet hosts or gateways. Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 5]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 For various reasons, the assigned numbers of networks are sometimes changed. To ease the transition the old number will be listed for a transition period as well. These "old number" entries will be marked with a "T" following the number and preceding the name, and the network name will be suffixed "-TEMP". Special Addresses: In certain contexts, it is useful to have fixed addresses with functional significance rather than as identifiers of specific hosts. The address zero is to be interpreted as meaning "this", as in "this network". For example, the address could be interpreted as meaning host 37 on this network. The address of all ones are to be interpreted as meaning "all", as in "all hosts". For example, the address could be interpreted as meaning all hosts on the network 128.9. The class A network number 127 is assigned the "loopback" function, that is, a datagram sent by a higher level protocol to a network 127 address should loop back inside the host. No datagram "sent" to a network 127 address should ever appear on any network anywhere. Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 6]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 Class A Networks * Internet Address Network Name References - ---------------- ------- ---- ---------- *0.rrr.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] 1.rrr.rrr.rrr-2.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*3.rrr.rrr.rrr GE-INTERNET GE TCP/IP Net [JEB50] R 4.rrr.rrr.rrr SATNET Atlantic Sat Net [SHB] 5.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] D 6.rrr.rrr.rrr YPG-NET Yuma Proving Grounds [4,BWA] D 7.rrr.rrr.rrr T EDN-TEMP DCEC EDN [EC5] R 8.rrr.rrr.rrr BBNCCNET BBN Net [JSG5] R 9.rrr.rrr.rrr IBM IBM Rsch Net [MT1] R 10.rrr.rrr.rrr ARPANET ARPANET [4,JS283] D 11.rrr.rrr.rrr DODIIS DoD Intel Info Sys [AY5] C 12.rrr.rrr.rrr ATT ATT Bell Labs [MH82] C 13.rrr.rrr.rrr XEROX-NET XEROX Internet [47,JNL1] C 14.rrr.rrr.rrr PDN Public Data Net [JS283] R 15.rrr.rrr.rrr HP-INTERNET HP-INTERNET [18,WU1] 16.rrr.rrr.rrr-17.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 18.rrr.rrr.rrr T MIT-TEMP MIT Net [9,39,DDC1] 19.rrr.rrr.rrr-20.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] D 21.rrr.rrr.rrr DDN-RVN DDN-RVN [MLC] D 22.rrr.rrr.rrr DISNET DISNET [JM28] D 23.rrr.rrr.rrr DDN-TC-NET DDN-TestCell-Net [DH17] 24.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 25.rrr.rrr.rrr RSRE-EXP RSRE-EXP [CDB4] D 26.rrr.rrr.rrr MILNET MILNET [TMH6] R 27.rrr.rrr.rrr T NOSC-LCCN-TEMP NOSC/LCCN [RH6] R 28.rrr.rrr.rrr WIDEBAND Wide Band Sat Net [CJW2] D 29.rrr.rrr.rrr T MILX25-TEMP MILNET X.25 Temp [MLC] D 30.rrr.rrr.rrr T ARPAX25-TEMP ARPA X.25 Temp [MLC] G 31.rrr.rrr.rrr UCDLA-NET UCLA-CATALOG-NET [CL64] 32.rrr.rrr.rrr-34.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 35.rrr.rrr.rrr MERIT MERIT Comp Net [HWB] R 36.rrr.rrr.rrr T SU-NET-TEMP Stanford Univ Net [VAF] 37.rrr.rrr.rrr-38.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 39.rrr.rrr.rrr T SRINET-TEMP SRI Local Net [JMR] 40.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 41.rrr.rrr.rrr BBN-TEST-A BBN-GATE-TEST-A [RH6] R 42.rrr.rrr.rrr CAN-INET Canadian Rsch Net [47,PAP4] R*43.rrr.rrr.rrr JAPAN-A Japan Inet [JM292] R 44.rrr.rrr.rrr AMPRNET Amateur Rad Exp Net [PK28] C 45.rrr.rrr.rrr T SHOWNETA Trade Show Net [NIC] C 46.rrr.rrr.rrr BBNET BBN Corp Net [4,JSG1] R*47.rrr.rrr.rrr BNR BNR Corp Net [BM178] 48.rrr.rrr.rrr-126.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] *127.rrr.rrr.rrr Loopback Loopback [JBP] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 7]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 Class B Networks * Internet Address Network Name References - ---------------- ------- ---- ---------- *128.0.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] R 128.1.rrr.rrr BBN-TEST-B BBN-GATE-TEST-B [RH6] R 128.2.rrr.rrr CMU-NET CMU-Ether [HDW2] R 128.3.rrr.rrr LBL-IP-NET1 LBL-CSR-NET [WJ2] R 128.4.rrr.rrr DCNET LINKABIT DCNET [32,DLM1] R 128.5.rrr.rrr FORDNET FORD DCNET [32,FJB3] R 128.6.rrr.rrr RUTGERS RUTGERS [CLH3] R 128.7.rrr.rrr KRAUTNET KRAUTNET [GB7] R 128.8.rrr.rrr UMDNET Univ of Maryl DCNET [32,DLM1] R 128.9.rrr.rrr ISI-NET USC-ISI Local Net [VLG] R 128.10.rrr.rrr PURDUE-CS-EN Purdue CS Ether [47,DT50] R 128.11.rrr.rrr BBN-CRONUS BBN DOS Proj [31,PK19] R 128.12.rrr.rrr SU-NET Stanford Univ Net [VAF] D 128.13.rrr.rrr MATNET Mob Access Term Net [SHB] R 128.14.rrr.rrr BBN-SAT-TEST BBN SATNET Test Net [SHB] R 128.15.rrr.rrr S1NET LLL-S1-NET [RAK12] R 128.16.rrr.rrr UCLNET Univ College London [PK] D 128.17.rrr.rrr MATNET-ALT Mob Access Term Alt [SHB] R 128.18.rrr.rrr SRINET SRI Local Net [TONY] D 128.19.rrr.rrr EDN DCEC EDN [EC5] D 128.20.rrr.rrr BRLNET BRLNET [4,MJM2] R 128.21.rrr.rrr SRI-PR-1 SRI Pck Rad-1 Net [PEM4] R 128.22.rrr.rrr SRI-PR-2 SRI Pck Rad-2 Net [PEM4] 128.23.rrr.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 128.24.rrr.rrr ROCKWELL-PR Rockwell Pck Rad Net [NG] D 128.25.rrr.rrr BRAGG-PR Ft. Bragg Pck Rad Net [LDB3] D 128.26.rrr.rrr SAPE-AIRNET RADC-SAPE-PR-NET [CAD13] D 128.27.rrr.rrr DEMO-PR-1 Demo-1 Pck Rad Net [LCS] D 128.28.rrr.rrr C3-PR-TEMP Testbed Dev PR NET [GMR] R 128.29.rrr.rrr MITRE MITRE Cablenet [45,TML] R 128.30.rrr.rrr MIT-NET MIT Local Net [DDC1] R 128.31.rrr.rrr MIT-RES MIT Rsch Net [DDC1] R 128.32.rrr.rrr UCB-ETHER UC Berkeley Ether [RWH5] R 128.33.rrr.rrr BBN-NET BBN Net [JSG5] R 128.34.rrr.rrr NOSC-LCCN NOSC/LCCN [RH6] R 128.35.rrr.rrr CISLTESTNET1 Honeywell [22,23,JLM23] R 128.36.rrr.rrr YALE-NET YALE Net [47,HML1] D 128.37.rrr.rrr YUMA Army Yuma Proving Grd [4,RBB2] D 128.38.rrr.rrr NSWC-NET NSWC Local Host Net [VHB] R 128.39.rrr.rrr NTANET NDRE-TIU [PS27] R 128.40.rrr.rrr UCL-NET-A Univ College London [JA168] R 128.41.rrr.rrr UCL-NET-B Univ College London [JA168] R 128.42.rrr.rrr RICE-NET Rice Univ [47,FG50] R 128.43.rrr.rrr DRENET Canada REF ARPANET [4,JR17] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 8]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 D 128.44.rrr.rrr WSMR-NET1 White Sands Net [CAS1] C 128.45.rrr.rrr DEC-WRL-NET DEC WRL Net [47,BKR] R 128.46.rrr.rrr PURDUE-NET Purdue Camp Net [JRS8] D 128.47.rrr.rrr TACTNET Tactical Pck Net [3,MB31] G 128.48.rrr.rrr UCDLA-NET-B UCDLA-Net-B [4,CL64] R 128.49.rrr.rrr NOSC-ETHER NOSC Ether [47,RLB3] G 128.50.rrr.rrr COINS COINS Online Intnet [RLS6] G 128.51.rrr.rrr COINSTNET COINS Online Intnet [RLS6] R 128.52.rrr.rrr MIT-AI-NET MIT AI NET [47,MDC] R 128.53.rrr.rrr SAC-PR-2 SAC PRNET Number 2 [GMR] R 128.54.rrr.rrr UCSD UC San Diego Net [47,GH29] R 128.55.rrr.rrr MFENET LLNL MFE Net [47,BCH2] D 128.56.rrr.rrr USNA-NET US Naval Acad Net [RAD15] D 128.57.rrr.rrr DEMO-PR-2 Demo-2 Pck Rad Net [LCS] C 128.58.rrr.rrr SLCS Schlumberger LCS Net [47,CG64] R 128.59.rrr.rrr CU-NET Columbia Univ [47,BC14] D 128.60.rrr.rrr NRL-ETHER NRL Lab Area Net [WF3] R 128.61.rrr.rrr GATECH Georgia Tech [47,DD11] R 128.62.rrr.rrr MCC-NET MCC Corp Net [47,CBD] R 128.63.rrr.rrr BRL-SUBNET BRL-SUBNET-EXP [MJM2] R 128.64.rrr.rrr-128.79.rrr.rrr Net Dynamics Exp [ZSU] D 128.80.rrr.rrr CECOMNET CECOM EPR NET [PFS2] R 128.81.rrr.rrr SYMBOLICS SYMBOLICS [47,SE31] R 128.82.rrr.rrr ODU ODU Rsch Net [RW164] R 128.83.rrr.rrr UTAUSTIN Univ of Texas Austin [47,TLL8] R 128.84.rrr.rrr CORNELL-NET Cornell Backbone Net [47,DK2] C*128.85.rrr.rrr DRILL-NET Teleco Drilltech Net [DBJ4] R 128.86.rrr.rrr MRC UK.CO.GEC.RL.MRC [RHC3] R 128.87.rrr.rrr HIRST UK.CO.GEC.RL.HRC [RHC3] R*128.88.rrr.rrr HP-NET HEWLETT-PACKARD-NET [AG67] R 128.89.rrr.rrr BBN-ENET BBN Ether Net [47,SGC] C*128.90.rrr.rrr SCRIBE Scribe Sys [47,ERC1] R 128.91.rrr.rrr UPENN UPenn Camp Net [47,IW5] R 128.92.rrr.rrr INTELLINET INTELLICORP NET [47,RJL3] R 128.93.rrr.rrr INRIA-NET INRIA Rocquencourt [MS171] C*128.94.rrr.rrr SYSNET AT&T SYSNet [EY5] R 128.95.rrr.rrr WASHINGTON Comp Sci Ether Net [47,NJB7] C 128.96.rrr.rrr BELLCORE-NET BELLCORE-NET [PK28] R 128.97.rrr.rrr UCLANET UCLA Net [RBW] R 128.98.rrr.rrr RSRE-EN2 RSRE-EXP-NET-2 [JW156] C 128.99.rrr.rrr NORTHROP-NET Northrop Net [47,RSM1] R 128.100.rrr.rrr TORONTO Univ of Toronto Net [47,BD55] R 128.101.rrr.rrr UMN-NET Univ of Minn [PS191] G 128.102.rrr.rrr AMES-NET Ames Backbone Net [47,MSM1] R 128.103.rrr.rrr HARV-FIBER Harv FiberOp Ether [47,SB28] R 128.104.rrr.rrr WISC-HERD Univ of Wisconsin [47,EJN1] R 128.105.rrr.rrr WISC Univ of Wisconsin [47,BAC9] D 128.106.rrr.rrr SRI-PSON-1 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [ERK3] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 9]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 22]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 D 131.41.rrr.rrr-131.42.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator Nets [BPW1] D 131.43.rrr.rrr HOMESTEAD-NET Homestead X.25 Net [BPW1] D 131.44.rrr.rrr-131.63.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator Nets [BPW1] D*131.64.rrr.rrr-131.88.rrr.rrr DLA Teleprocessing Net [CG85] C*131.89.rrr.rrr-131.90.rrr.rrr PG&E Net [47,AC96] R 131.91.rrr.rrr FAU Florida Atlantic Univ [47,RL180] D 131.92.rrr.rrr APGEA-SUBNET APG(EA) LAN Subnet [REA3] R 131.93.rrr.rrr SJC-NET St. Josephs Net [BC130] R 131.94.rrr.rrr FIU Florida InterNatl U [47,BB208] R 131.95.rrr.rrr USM USM Net [47,DEP17] R*131.96.rrr.rrr GSU-NET Georgia State Univ Net [26,SBH4] C*131.97.rrr.rrr AB-VOLVO-NET Volvo InterNatl Net [47,TS141] C*131.98.rrr.rrr ESI-PRIM Electrospace Prim Net [WRH20] C*131.99.rrr.rrr KONTRONNET Kontron Elektronik Net [47,HR38] C*131.100.rrr.rrr BANYAN-HDQTR Banyan Sys Net [BH144] C*131.101.rrr.rrr TERADYNE Teradyne Corp Net [47,GA45] G*131.102.rrr.rrr KOM-BV Schweizer-Verwaltungs [RM306] R 131.103.rrr.rrr CICNET Committee on Inst Coop [RG12] R*131.104.rrr.rrr UOGUELPH Univ of Guelph [KP50] D 131.105.rrr.rrr SM-ALC McClellan AFB [47,RR184] C 131.106.rrr.rrr MTXINU-NET MTXINU-USENIX Net [47,EG51] C*131.107.rrr.rrr MICROSOFT Microsoft Corp [47,WC89] C 131.108.rrr.rrr CISCO-SYSTEM cisco Corp Net [47,KSL] R 131.109.rrr.rrr BROWN-CFM-CS Brown DARPA Rsch [47,SF59] G*131.110.rrr.rrr MAF-NET Michoud Assembly Net [47,RTD] R*131.111.rrr.rrr CAM-AC-UK Univ of Cambridge, UK [47,TS146] R*131.112.rrr.rrr TITECH-NET TITECH-NET [47,MO57] R*131.113.rrr.rrr KEIO-NET Keio Univ Net [47,TS147] R 131.114.rrr.rrr PISA-NET Pisa IP Net [47,GR56] C*131.115.rrr.rrr TVTWAN1 Swedish Telecom Adm [26,AH96] C*131.116.rrr.rrr TVTWAN2 Swedish Telecom Adm [26,AH96] C*131.117.rrr.rrr NCANET Nixdorf Comm Comp Net [WB102] R 131.118.rrr.rrr MINCNET MINC Net Members [47,FAF6] R 131.119.rrr.rrr BARRNET Bay Area Reg Rsch Net [DLW31] R 131.120.rrr.rrr NPSNET Navy-NPS Camp Net [47,SW37] G 131.121.rrr.rrr NADN Nav Acad Data Net [47,AF60] G 131.122.rrr.rrr NADN2 Nav Acad Data Net [47,AF60] R 131.123.rrr.rrr KENT-STATE KSU Camp Net [26,LCH9] C*131.124.rrr.rrr TANDEM-MPD Tandem MPD Net [47,BC133] R*131.125.rrr.rrr KEAN-NET Kean College Net [AKC5] C*131.126.rrr.rrr MTCN Mobil Tech Comp Net [JCP26] C*131.127.rrr.rrr ASGARRETT Allied Garrett Phx [47,LM176] R*131.128.rrr.rrr URI Univ of Rhode Island [47,JB410] 131.129.rrr.rrr-131.130.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C 131.131.rrr.rrr CONTEL-WTP Wohlstetter TechPark [47,MJO4] R*131.132.rrr.rrr-131.141.rrr.rrr Def Rsch Establishment [47,RB567] R 131.142.rrr.rrr CFA-NET CFA/SAO Net [47,CM57] C*131.143.rrr.rrr CMC Comp Machry Corp [17,CNK1] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 23]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R*131.144.rrr.rrr PEACHNET Regents Net [47,JS469] C 131.145.rrr.rrr MERIT-TECH Merit Tech [8,47,JRJ18] C 131.146.rrr.rrr MDC-SJ-NET MDC San Jose Net [47,SMF5] C*131.147.rrr.rrr GENESISDND Genesis Ottawa Prod [SM188] C*131.148.rrr.rrr GENESISTOR Genesis Toronto Prod [SM188] C*131.149.rrr.rrr FAST-TEAM TEAM Genesis Net [SM188] C*131.150.rrr.rrr GENESISCSDBS CSDBS Devel LAN [SM188] R 131.151.rrr.rrr MORNETR U-of-MO-Rolla [RWA15] R*131.152.rrr.rrr UNIBAS Univ of Basle [47,FE12] R 131.153.rrr.rrr SEMATECH SEMATECH MRC Net [8,47,RG188] R*131.154.rrr.rrr INFNET INFN Natl Net [AG113] R*131.155.rrr.rrr TUEINDHOVEN Tech Univ Eindhoven [JFAS] R 131.156.rrr.rrr NIU-NET Northern Ill Univ [47,JWN10] C*131.157.rrr.rrr LIBRAINC Librascope Corp [26,WJF1] R 131.158.rrr.rrr USUHSNET Academic/Rsch Net [26,MK124] R*131.159.rrr.rrr TUM-INFO-LAN Institut Informatik [47,HN20] C*131.160.rrr.rrr LMFNET Finnish Ericsson Net [47,RS393] C*131.161.rrr.rrr WEB-NET Webster Comp Net [26,JC391] R*131.162.rrr.rrr AUNET Acadia Univ Net [47,BW134] C*131.163.rrr.rrr I-CAN Intergraph-Canada [26,RW206] R*131.164.rrr.rrr-131.166.rrr.rrr Danish Net [SJ28] R 131.167.rrr.rrr BMINET Batelle Camp Net [47,JA92] C*131.168.rrr.rrr PAQNET Compaq Private Net [47,WH110] R*131.169.rrr.rrr DESY DESY HEP Net [33,ME57] R*131.170.rrr.rrr RMIT Royal Melb Inst Tech [47,MS300] R 131.171.rrr.rrr UMUC UM Univ College [47,MS301] R*131.172.rrr.rrr LATROBE La Trobe Univ [47,PC116] R*131.173.rrr.rrr UOS Uni Osnabrueck [RN58] R*131.174.rrr.rrr NUNET Nijmegen Univ Net [47,JA155] R*131.175.rrr.rrr CILEA Lombard Univ Nets [AM134] R*131.176.rrr.rrr ESANET-IP ESA European WAN [47,DW195] R*131.177.rrr.rrr PTT-TELE P&T Telecom Finland [26,JT166] R 131.178.rrr.rrr ITESM ITESM Monterrey Net [8,47,HEG6] R 131.179.rrr.rrr UCLA-CS UCLA CS Net [47,RBW] R*131.180.rrr.rrr DUT-LAN2 DUT Net [47,FD18] R*131.181.rrr.rrr QUT Queensland Univ Net [47,AA70] G 131.182.rrr.rrr NASA-HQ-NET NASA Headquarters [MSM1] R 131.183.rrr.rrr UTOLEDO-NET U of Toledo Camp Net [BN38] C*131.184.rrr.rrr MCDERMOTT MCDERMOTT-NET [TP58] D 131.185.rrr.rrr DSTO DSTO Australia [8,47,JWB35] R 131.186.rrr.rrr WB-TEST Wideband Test Net [CT64] R 131.187.rrr.rrr OARNET Ohio Academic Net [MF74] R*131.188.rrr.rrr REVUE Uni Erlangen Net [47,JK198] D*131.189.rrr.rrr TRACORNET Tracor Net Austin [PM140] C*131.190.rrr.rrr PGXPRES Procter and Gamble Co [ACL2] G*131.191.rrr.rrr TACOMA City of Tacoma LAN [BD89] R 131.192.rrr.rrr NEARNET New England Net [JIS] R 131.193.rrr.rrr UIC-ISN-NET U of Ill Chicago ISN [47,EZ3] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 24]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R*131.194.rrr.rrr TRINITY Trinity Univ [LHG3] R*131.195.rrr.rrr HYDRO-QUEBEC HydroQuebec Rsch [CV25] R 131.196.rrr.rrr CNUSC CNUSC NSFNET [JLD31] C*131.197.rrr.rrr MOTO-SPS MOTOROLA-SPS [SO35] C 131.198.rrr.rrr ROK3 Rockwell Intl Corp III [47,TGS6] C 131.199.rrr.rrr ROK4 Rockwell Intl Corp IV [47,TGS6] C 131.200.rrr.rrr ROK5 Rockwell Intl Corp V [47,TGS6] C*131.201.rrr.rrr HI-RESG-NET HI-Residential Net [47,JG8] R*131.202.rrr.rrr UNB-IPNET UNB-TCP-IP Net [BK76] R*131.203.rrr.rrr DSIR DSIR New Zealand [26,SW143] R 131.204.rrr.rrr AU-NET Auburn Univ Net [26,47,LO28] C*131.205.rrr.rrr SLLWAN Stockholm Health Care [26,AL16] R*131.206.rrr.rrr KIT-NET Kyushu Tech Net [47,HN21] G*131.207.rrr.rrr TIETOTIE TIETOTIE Net [47,PI7] C*131.208.rrr.rrr MERRILL-LYNCH Merrill Lynch WAN [26,47,JC394] C*131.209.rrr.rrr PW-NET Price Waterhouse Net [47,EMB] R 131.210.rrr.rrr UW-PARKSIDE U of Wisc-Parkside [47,TVF1] R*131.211.rrr.rrr RUU RU Utrecht Int [26,WPBS] R 131.212.rrr.rrr UMNDULNET U of Minn, Duluth [47,WJM26] C*131.213.rrr.rrr NTCRK-MANU NT CRK Mfg Net [GJ35] D 131.214.rrr.rrr ROMENET RADC-ROMENET [PV23] R 131.215.rrr.rrr CALTECH-NET Caltech Camp Net [47,AD22] R 131.216.rrr.rrr NEVADA Univ of Nevada Net [47,RLY1] R*131.217.rrr.rrr TASUNI-NET Tasmania Uni Net [RB577] D 131.218.rrr.rrr ALADDIN Adelphi LAN [26,CM115] C*131.219.rrr.rrr PPL-NET Pacific Power Net [36,47,AK70] R*131.220.rrr.rrr UNI-BONN RFWUBN Camp Net [HG51] R*131.221.rrr.rrr FXIS FXIS Net [47,SA72] C*131.222.rrr.rrr NCR-COMTEN NCR Comten, Inc [26,RC234] C*131.223.rrr.rrr LATA Los Alamos Tech Assoc [JGB17] R*131.224.rrr.rrr RIVMNET RIVMNET [26,RB578] R 131.225.rrr.rrr FERMILAB FERMILAB [CD75] C*131.226.rrr.rrr MEMORY-ALPHA Clearpoint R&D Net [47,JM551] R*131.227.rrr.rrr SURREY-NET Surrey Univ Ether [47,GC122] R*131.228.rrr.rrr NOKIA Nokia Corp Net [47,AV20] R*131.229.rrr.rrr SMITH Smith College Camp Net [LG91] R 131.230.rrr.rrr SIU-NET Southern Ill Univ [47,CRC15] R*131.231.rrr.rrr LUT-AC-UK Loughborough Univ [47,RT140] R*131.232.rrr.rrr ATHABASCA-U Athabasca Univ Net [47,LN42] C*131.233.rrr.rrr CIM-NET Arrow CIM Net [JH342] R*131.234.rrr.rrr UNIPADERBORN Univ of Paderborn [47,RF130] G*131.235.rrr.rrr ALCIDE DOE Alcide [JG266] R*131.236.rrr.rrr ADFA-NET ADFA Lan [47,CL104] G*131.237.rrr.rrr RWSNL Rijkswaterstaat NL [PO16] R*131.238.rrr.rrr UNIV-DAYTON Univ of Dayton [26,RT142] C 131.239.rrr.rrr THINK-NET Thinking Machs [47,BJN1] G 131.240.rrr.rrr CC USCENTCOM Net [47,KMC3] R*131.241.rrr.rrr NECAM NECAmerica [ARS3] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 25]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 G*131.242.rrr.rrr CITEC CITEC-Australia [TT32] R 131.243.rrr.rrr LBL-IP-NET2 LBL IPNet 2 [WJ2] R*131.244.rrr.rrr BOND-UN1 Bond Univ Net [EB112] R*131.245.rrr.rrr BOND-RP Bond Res Park Net [EB112] R*131.246.rrr.rrr RHRK-LAN Univ Kaiserslautern [BGW3] R 131.247.rrr.rrr USF Univ South Fla LAN [47,JG269] C*131.248.rrr.rrr CTC-NET CTC Net [47,TS154] R 131.249.rrr.rrr FCCC Fox Chase Cancer Ctr [47,RKS1] D 131.250.rrr.rrr OCNR-ETHER OCNR AIS Net [47,TW3] R*131.251.rrr.rrr CARDIFFCOMMA U Cardiff Comp Math [16,RE73] R*131.252.rrr.rrr PDX-NET Portland State Net [FD41] R*131.253.rrr.rrr NTCSIS-NET Northern Tel-CSNET [JC403] R*131.254.rrr.rrr IRISANET IRISA-INRIA-RENNES [47,RT144] 131.255.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] 132.0.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] D 132.1.rrr.rrr-132.22.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator Nets [BPW1] D 132.23.rrr.rrr SEYMOUR-JOHN Seymour-John Net [BPW1] D 132.24.rrr.rrr-132.62.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator Nets [BPW1] D 132.63.rrr.rrr RANDOLPHMPC Randolph MPC Net [BPW1] R 132.64.rrr.rrr IL1 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.65.rrr.rrr IL2 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.66.rrr.rrr IL3 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.67.rrr.rrr IL4 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.68.rrr.rrr IL5 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.69.rrr.rrr IL6 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.70.rrr.rrr IL7 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.71.rrr.rrr IL8 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.72.rrr.rrr IL9 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.73.rrr.rrr IL10 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.74.rrr.rrr IL11 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.75.rrr.rrr IL12 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.76.rrr.rrr IL13 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.77.rrr.rrr IL14 Israel Academic Net [DB35] R 132.78.rrr.rrr IL15 Israel Academic Net [DB35] D 132.79.rrr.rrr-132.143.rrr.rrr NG Concentrator Nets [47,CAP5] D 132.144.rrr.rrr RIA-2 Rock Island Net [MMJ1] C*132.145.rrr.rrr NET-RESOURCES Net Resources Net [JM561] C*132.146.rrr.rrr BTRL-PLANET BTRL RT51 Net [RO58] C*132.147.rrr.rrr SCO San Cruz Operation [KR35] C*132.148.rrr.rrr IAS1 Star Tribune Net [ND22] R*132.149.rrr.rrr CNES CNES Net [26,MP138] G*132.150.rrr.rrr STAMNETT Norwegian Government [GG110] R 132.151.rrr.rrr NRI-NET NRI Local Area Net [47,DKE2] C*132.152.rrr.rrr GF Gen Foods Corp [CN33] G*132.153.rrr.rrr AWE-SWAN AWE Site Wide Area Net [47,RS409] R 132.154.rrr.rrr ROCKWELL-AI Rockwell Palo Alto [47,BMW7] C*132.155.rrr.rrr NESTE-NET NESTE TCP/IP Net [47,HP44] G*132.156.rrr.rrr EMRNET Ener, Mines-Canada [DB317] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 26]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 C*132.157.rrr.rrr PORTAL-NET Int DECnet Portal [MR159] C*132.158.rrr.rrr HARRIS-SEMI Harris Semiconductor Net [RG92] D 132.159.rrr.rrr FTLEENET US Army - Ft. Lee [TWH19] G 132.160.rrr.rrr PACCOM Pacific Net [47,TN11] R*132.161.rrr.rrr GRIN Grinnell College Net [26,TM169] R*132.162.rrr.rrr OBERLIN Oberlin College [BH161] G*132.163.rrr.rrr BLDRDOC DoC-Boulder-Labs [47,FMM11] D*132.164.rrr.rrr B2TSN B2 Training Sys Net [47,SM197] R*132.165.rrr.rrr CEA-SIEGE CEA-Etb. Siege [47,JP254] R*132.166.rrr.rrr CEA-SACLAY CEA-CEN Saclay [47,JD16] R*132.167.rrr.rrr CEA-FONTENAY CEA-CEN Fontenay [47,JD16] R*132.168.rrr.rrr CEA-GRENOBLE CEA-CEN Grenoble [47,GB167] R*132.169.rrr.rrr CEA-CADARACH CEA-CEN Cadarache [47,DC257] R 132.170.rrr.rrr UCF Univ of Central Fla [47,WTE4] G*132.171.rrr.rrr IVOWAN IVO Wide Area Net [TT69] C*132.172.rrr.rrr HANDS Holmes & Narver Data [26,JRA26] D*132.173.rrr.rrr CWATCHNET CWATCH Net [GK44] R 132.174.rrr.rrr OCLC OCLC Rsch [TT70] R 132.175.rrr.rrr SNLA-NET Sandia Natl Labs Net [FEJ3] R 132.176.rrr.rrr FERNUNI-NET FernUni Rsch Net [47,CR24] R 132.177.rrr.rrr UNH UNH at Durham [26,BR104] R 132.178.rrr.rrr IDBSU Boise State Univ LAN [47,MU7] C*132.179.rrr.rrr TPMA-NET Toppan Asaka PM Net [47,TS160] R*132.180.rrr.rrr UNIBT-LAN Univ of Bayreuth LAN [47,HT40] R*132.181.rrr.rrr CANTERBURY U of Canterbury LAN [47,ART5] R*132.182.rrr.rrr MEINET MEI R&D Net [47,JY33] R 132.183.rrr.rrr MGH-ETHER MGH Rsch Net [47,DM75] C*132.184.rrr.rrr UNX-DEC-NET DEC Manalapan, NJ [AK75] C*132.185.rrr.rrr BBC BBC Ether [26,BB231] C*132.186.rrr.rrr PYRAMIDOZ Pyramid Tech Oz Net [17,26,BK78] R*132.187.rrr.rrr UNIWUE-LAN U of Wuerzburg LAN [47,MR160] C*132.188.rrr.rrr AUTODESK Autodesk Inc Corp Net [47,DOR] C*132.189.rrr.rrr LILLYNET Eli Lilly Ether [47,FDC2] C*132.190.rrr.rrr VARIAN-NET Corp Camp Net [47,DM313] G*132.191.rrr.rrr DOERLNET2 DOE Richland Net [47,DES41] R 132.192.rrr.rrr UTMEM-NET The UT, Memphis Net [EB108] D 132.193.rrr.rrr ARO-NET Army Rsch Off [47,BF81] R 132.194.rrr.rrr CUDENVER Denver Camp Net [47,RH286] R*132.195.rrr.rrr WUPPERNET Wuppertal Camp Net [CK96] C*132.196.rrr.rrr EUANET Ellemtel Net [47,BO26] R*132.197.rrr.rrr GTEL GTE Labs LAN [47,MM334] R 132.198.rrr.rrr UVM-NET UVM-NET-EMBA-LAN [47,GAB36] R*132.199.rrr.rrr UNIR-LAN Univ of Regensburg LAN [47,KW8] G*132.200.rrr.rrr FRB FRB WorkSta Net [47,RPD5] C*132.201.rrr.rrr SBC Southwest Bell [26,KS133] R 132.202.rrr.rrr-132.221.rrr.rrr Quebec Research Net [MV38] C*132.222.rrr.rrr NTT-CAE NTT CAE Net [12,TN40] C*132.223.rrr.rrr GENRAD-NET GenRad Development Net [47,RT148] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 27]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 D*132.224.rrr.rrr BOE-AS-NET BOEING-ADSYS-NET [GK44] R*132.225.rrr.rrr AECL-RCNET AECL Research Net [JP262] R 132.226.rrr.rrr ALCOA-NET ALCOA Research Net [35,47,JOG] R*132.227.rrr.rrr IBP-NET CNRS Univ P6-P7 IBP [47,JC414] C 132.228.rrr.rrr GRUMMAN Grumman Corporation [26,MT105] R*132.229.rrr.rrr RUL-NL Leiden Campus Net [26,PK73] R*132.230.rrr.rrr FDN Freiburgs-Daten-Netz [MW171] R*132.231.rrr.rrr PASSAU-LAN Univ of Passau LAN [47,AK76] C*132.232.rrr.rrr BISMACNET BIS Mackintosh Corp Net [MAJ14] C*132.233.rrr.rrr FM-CIS CIS Folsom Network [26,BW142] R*132.234.rrr.rrr GUNET Griffith Uni Net [47,GW117] R 132.235.rrr.rrr OHIOU-NET Ohio University Net [JT149] R 132.236.rrr.rrr NYSAES Cornell NYSAES Net [47,BBJ2] C*132.237.rrr.rrr WYSE WYSE Internet [47,BR106] R*132.238.rrr.rrr FDUNET FDU Network [NMS5] R 132.239.rrr.rrr UCSD-SUBNETS UCSD Subnets Network [47,BK29] C*132.240.rrr.rrr VITALINK Vitalink Comm Net [26,47,FB77] R 132.241.rrr.rrr CSUCHICO Cal State Univ Chico [47,PT55] C*132.242.rrr.rrr NCR-EM-SD NCR E&M San Diego [47,JS511] C 132.243.rrr.rrr NCRWIN NCR Data Network [47,LL115] C*132.244.rrr.rrr ROLLS-ROYCE Rolls-Royce Ethernet [47,CH181] C*132.245.rrr.rrr XYLOGICS Xylogics Corp Net [47,JRL3] R*132.246.rrr.rrr NRC NRC Local Area Network [8,LB164] R 132.247.rrr.rrr RAM Red Academica de Mex [47,MA105] R 132.248.rrr.rrr REDUNAM Red Univ de Mexico [47,MA105] R 132.249.rrr.rrr SDSCLAN San Diego SuperC LAN [47,GKN1] D 132.250.rrr.rrr NRL-NETS NRL Networks [WF3] R*132.251.rrr.rrr ISTS ISTS Backbone [26,47,EC43] R*132.252.rrr.rrr UEGNET Essen Univ Net [26,DN71] C*132.253.rrr.rrr RASNA Rasna Corporation Net [TJT1] R 132.254.rrr.rrr ITESM-MEXICO Tec de Monterrey Net [47,SZ21] 132.255.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] 133.0.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] R*133.1.rrr.rrr-133.254.rrr.rrr Japan Inet [JM292] 133.255.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] 134.0.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] 134.1.rrr.rrr-191.254.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] *191.255.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 28]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 Class C Networks * Internet Address Network Name References - ---------------- ------- ---- ---------- 192.0.0.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] R 192.0.1.rrr BBN-TEST-C BBN-GATE-TEST-C [RH6] R*192.0.2.rrr TEST TEST [JBP] 192.0.3.rrr-192.0.255.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.1.0.rrr-192.1.1.rrr BBN Local Nets [SGC] R 192.1.2.rrr BBN-FIBER-NET BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.3.rrr BBN-APOLLO-NET BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.4.rrr BBN-FIBER-TEST BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.5.rrr BBN-SD-ENET BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.6.rrr BBN-DGI-ENET BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.7.rrr BBN-WASH-ENET BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.8.rrr BBN-SCOTLAND-NET BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.9.rrr BBN-DGI-APOLLO BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.10.rrr BBN-NEWPORT-NET BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.11.rrr BBN-TEST-NET BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.12.rrr BBN-TEST2-NET BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.13.rrr BBN-TEST3-NET BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.14.rrr Reserved BBN Local Nets [SGC] R 192.1.15.rrr BBNCC-HARDWARE BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.16.rrr BBNCC-APOLLO BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.17.rrr BBNCC-COLUMBIA BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.18.rrr BBNCC-PRO-NET BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.19.rrr BBNCC-BILLERICA BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.20.rrr BBNACI-MT-VIEW BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.21.rrr BBN-DGI-ENET2 BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.22.rrr BBN-FORT-KNOX BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.23.rrr BBN-NEW-LONDON BBN Inc [SGC] R 192.1.24.rrr-192.3.255.rrr BBN Local Nets [SGC] R 192.4.0.rrr-192.4.12.rrr BELLCORE-NET [47,PK28] R 192.4.13.rrr MRE-MERLOT MRE-MERLOT [47,PK28] R 192.4.14.rrr MRE-BIRDNET MRE-BIRDNET [47,PK28] R 192.4.15.rrr-192.4.17.rrr BELLCORE-NET [47,PK28] R 192.4.18.rrr MRE-FRAGGLE MRE-FRAGGLE [47,PK28] R 192.4.19.rrr-192.4.31.rrr BELLCORE-NET [47,PK28] R 192.4.32.rrr NVC-SHARP NVC-SHARP [47,PK28] R 192.4.33.rrr Reserved BELLCORE-NET [47,PK28] R 192.4.34.rrr NVC-BB NVC-BB [47,PK28] R 192.4.35.rrr NVC-ASPEN NVC-ASPEN [47,PK28] R 192.4.36.rrr Reserved BELLCORE-NET [47,PK28] R 192.4.37.rrr LCC-APOLLO LCC-Apol [47,PK28] R 192.4.38.rrr PYA-FACS PYA-FACS [47,PK28] R 192.4.39.rrr-192.4.255.rrr BELLCORE-NET [47,PK28] 192.5.0.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] R 192.5.1.rrr CISLHYPERNET Honeywell [JLM23] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 29]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R*192.5.2.rrr UF-NET-A UF-CIS Dept Ether [AW48] C 192.5.3.rrr HP-DESIGN-AIDS HP Des Aids [AG67] C 192.5.4.rrr HP-TCG-UNIX HP TCG Unix [AG67] R 192.5.5.rrr DEC-MRNET DEC Marlboro Ether [47,JM60] R 192.5.6.rrr DEC-MRRAD DEC Marlboro Dev [47,JM60] R 192.5.7.rrr CIT-CS-NET Caltech-CS-Net [50,CS2] R 192.5.8.rrr CSEICNET MACOM Net [SB90] R 192.5.9.rrr AERONET Aero Labnet [1,LCN] R 192.5.10.rrr ECLNET USC-ECL-Camp-NET [MAB4] R 192.5.11.rrr CSS-RING SEISMIC-Rsch-NET [DC115] R 192.5.12.rrr UTAH-NET-C UTAH-Comp-Sci-NET [GW22] R 192.5.13.rrr GSWDNET Compion Net [47,FAS] R 192.5.14.rrr RAND-NET RAND Net [47,JDG] 192.5.15.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.5.16.rrr LANLLAND Los Alamos Dev LAN [47,PCW] R 192.5.17.rrr NRL-NET Naval Rsch Lab [MPM] R 192.5.18.rrr IPTO-NET ARPA-IPTO Off Net [JS283] R 192.5.19.rrr UCIICS UCI-ICS Rsch Net [RAJ3] R 192.5.20.rrr CISLTTYNET Honeywell [JLM23] D 192.5.21.rrr BRLNET1 BRLNET1 [4,MJM2] D 192.5.22.rrr BRLNET2 BRLNET2 [4,MJM2] D 192.5.23.rrr BRLNET3 BRLNET3 [4,MJM2] D 192.5.24.rrr BRLNET4 BRLNET4 [4,MJM2] D 192.5.25.rrr BRLNET5 BRLNET5 [4,MJM2] 192.5.26.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] D 192.5.27.rrr DTNSRDC-NET DTNSRDC-NET [RWT2] R 192.5.28.rrr RSRE-NULL RSRE-NULL [RNM1] R 192.5.29.rrr RSRE-ACC RSRE-ACC [RNM1] R 192.5.30.rrr RSRE-PR RSRE-PR [RNM1] R*192.5.31.rrr SIEMENS-NET Siemens Rsch Net [PN23] R 192.5.32.rrr CISLTESTNET2 Honeywell [22,23,JLM23] R 192.5.33.rrr CISLTESTNET3 Honeywell [22,23,JLM23] R 192.5.34.rrr CISLTESTNET4 Honeywell [22,23,JLM23] 192.5.35.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] 192.5.36.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.5.37.rrr UR-CS-NET U of R CS 3Mb Net [47,LB16] R 192.5.38.rrr SRI-C3ETHER SRI-AITAD C3Ether [47,GMR] 192.5.39.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.5.40.rrr PUCC-NET-A Purdue Comp Ctr Net [JS81] 192.5.41.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] D 192.5.42.rrr HYPER-1ISG AFDSC Hypernet [MCA1] R 192.5.43.rrr CUCSNET Columbia CS Net [47,BC14] R 192.5.44.rrr FARBER-PC-NET Farber PC Net [DJF] R 192.5.45.rrr FCCC-TEMP Fox Chase Cancer Ctr [RKS1] R 192.5.46.rrr NTA-RING NDRE-RING [PS27] R 192.5.47.rrr NSRDC NSRDC [RWT2] R 192.5.48.rrr PURDUE-CS-NET Purdue CS ProNET [DT50] C 192.5.49.rrr TISW-NET TISW Net [HKO] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 30]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R 192.5.50.rrr CTH-CS-NET Chalmers CSN Net [47,UB3] 192.5.51.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.5.52.rrr NLM-ETHER-TEMP NLM-LHNCBC-Ether [JA1] R 192.5.53.rrr UR-CS-ETHER U of R CS 10Mb Net [47,LB16] R 192.5.54.rrr AERO-A3 Aero-A3 [1,LCN] R 192.5.55.rrr UCLA-CECS UCLA-CECS Net [47,RBW] C 192.5.56.rrr TARTAN-NET Tartan Labs [BM156] R 192.5.57.rrr UDEL-CC UDEL Comp Ctr [47,RR18] R 192.5.58.rrr CSNET-PDN CSNET X.25 Net [27,RDR4] R*192.5.59.rrr INRIA-SM90 Inria GIP SM-90 [MS171] R 192.5.60.rrr INRIA-SOPHIA Inria Sophia [MS171] R*192.5.61.rrr SM90-X2 Inria SM-90 Exp 2 [MS171] R*192.5.62.rrr LITP-SM90 LITP SM-90 [MS171] 192.5.63.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.5.64.rrr AMES-NAS-NET NASA ARC NAS LAN [47,MF31] R 192.5.65.rrr NPRDC-ETHER NPRDC TRCF Ether [LRB] R 192.5.66.rrr HARV-NET Harv Comp Sci Net [SB28] R 192.5.67.rrr CECOM-ETHER CECOM ADDCOMPE ETHER [47,GIH] 192.5.68.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.5.69.rrr UIUC-NET Univ of IL at Urbana [47,AKC] G 192.5.70.rrr CELAN COINS Exp LAN [RLS6] R*192.5.71.rrr WWU-ADMIN-NET WWU-ADMIN-NET [JSW12] R*192.5.72.rrr BATES Bates College Comp Svc [RS348] C*192.5.73.rrr LVSUN Las Vegas Sun [GCS8] C*192.5.74.rrr-192.5.81.rrr MSC Nets [SL70] R 192.5.82.rrr FSUSTAT FSU Stats Dept [KMH8] C*192.5.83.rrr EPOCH-ENGR Epoch Eng Net [GK32] R*192.5.84.rrr-192.5.87.rrr Univ of Chicago [MC17] R 192.5.88.rrr YALE-EE-NET YALE-EE-NET [47,AG22] R 192.5.89.rrr HARV-APOLLO Harv Univ [2,SB28] R*192.5.90.rrr SERI-NET SERI Seoul Net [CK92] R 192.5.91.rrr PURDUE-ECN1 Purdue ECN [13,25,JRS8] R 192.5.92.rrr BRAGG-ETHER SRI Bragg Ether [47,GIH] R 192.5.93.rrr SRI-DEMO SRI Ether Demo [47,GIH] R*192.5.94.rrr SDCRDCF-10MB SDC R&D Prim Net [47,DJV1] R*192.5.95.rrr SDCRDCF-3MB SDC R&D Old Net [47,DJV1] R*192.5.96.rrr UBC-CS-NET UBC Comp Sci Net [47,PB67] R*192.5.97.rrr UCLA-CS-LNI UCLA CS LNI Net [RBW] R*192.5.98.rrr UCLA-PIC UCLA PIC Net [47,RBW] R 192.5.99.rrr SPACENET S-1 WorkSta Net [47,TW51] R 192.5.100.rrr HCSC-NET Honeywell CSC Net [47,DB322] R 192.5.101.rrr PUCC-NET-B Purdue Gw Net [JS81] R 192.5.102.rrr PUCC-RHF-NET PUCC RHF Based Net [JS81] 192.5.103.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.5.104.rrr THINK-INET Thinking Machs [47,BJN1] R 192.5.105.rrr XAIT-POND CCA Ether1 (POND) [51,AL6] C*192.5.106.rrr BITSTREAM Bitstream Type Found [47,PGA1] R*192.5.107.rrr PASC-ETHER IBM PASC Ether [47,GAL5] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 31]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R*192.5.108.rrr PASC-BB IBM PASC BRdband [47,GAL5] R 192.5.109.rrr CWRUNET-C0 ARJCC TOPS-20 Net [47,JAG3] R 192.5.110.rrr CWRUNET-C1 ARJCC Local Net [47,JAG3] R 192.5.111.rrr CWRUNET-C2 Camp Quad Net [47,JAG3] R 192.5.112.rrr CWRUNET-C3 CAISR Local Net [47,JAG3] R 192.5.113.rrr CWRUNET-C4 CES Local Net [47,JAG3] C*192.5.114.rrr I2-RING-1 Intermetrics Pronet [47,CB42] C*192.5.115.rrr I2-ETHER-1 Intermetrics Ether [47,CB42] R 192.5.116.rrr BRAGGNET-1 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.117.rrr BRAGGNET-2 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.118.rrr BRAGGNET-3 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.119.rrr BRAGGNET-4 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.120.rrr BRAGGNET-5 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.121.rrr BRAGGNET-6 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.122.rrr BRAGGNET-7 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.123.rrr BRAGGNET-8 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.124.rrr BRAGGNET-9 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.125.rrr BRAGGNET-10 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.126.rrr BRAGGNET-11 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.127.rrr BRAGGNET-12 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.128.rrr BRAGGNET-13 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.129.rrr BRAGGNET-14 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.130.rrr BRAGGNET-15 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.131.rrr BRAGGNET-16 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R 192.5.132.rrr BRAGGNET-17 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [47,LDB3] R*192.5.133.rrr PERCEPT-AI Perceptronics [KC8] C*192.5.134.rrr I2-ETHER-2 Intermetrics Ether-2 [47,CB42] R 192.5.135.rrr LL-SPEECH-NET LL Speech Net [47,RH60] R 192.5.136.rrr LL43-LEX-BACK Lincoln G43-LEX-BACK [47,BC65] R 192.5.137.rrr LL43-LEX-SUNA Lincoln G43-LEX-SUNA [47,BC65] R 192.5.138.rrr LL43-LEX-SUNB Lincoln G43-LEX-SUNB [47,BC65] R 192.5.139.rrr LL43-LEX-APO Lincoln G43-LEX-APO [47,BC65] R 192.5.140.rrr LL43-TB-BACK Lincoln G43-TB-BACK [47,BC65] R 192.5.141.rrr LL43-TB-APO Lincoln G43-TB-APO [47,BC65] R*192.5.142.rrr CCVR CCVR Net [47,RD91] R 192.5.143.rrr NWU NORTHWESTERN [AS62] R 192.5.144.rrr CRC-ENET CANADA-CRC-Ether [TS31] R 192.5.145.rrr ECRC-SL ECRC-SL Net [PD39] R 192.5.146.rrr CPW-PSC Pittsburgh SC Ctr [ML62] R 192.5.147.rrr ALV-ETHER MMDAALVVAX [LJR5] R 192.5.148.rrr DISE Dist Sys Eval Envir [RHS16] R 192.5.149.rrr RDL-ETHER RDL [47,MS172] G*192.5.150.rrr SP-ACE-NET Sperry Space Sys [47,JM304] R 192.5.151.rrr PENN-STATE-1 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.152.rrr PENN-STATE-2 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.153.rrr PENN-STATE-3 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.154.rrr PENN-STATE-4 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.155.rrr PENN-STATE-5 Penn State Net [SJS11] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 32]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R 192.5.156.rrr PENN-STATE-6 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.157.rrr PENN-STATE-7 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.158.rrr PENN-STATE-8 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.159.rrr PENN-STATE-9 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.160.rrr PENN-STATE-10 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.161.rrr PENN-STATE-11 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.162.rrr PENN-STATE-12 Penn State Net [SJS11] C*192.5.163.rrr I2-SPDNET-1 I2 SPD Ether [47,CB42] C 192.5.164.rrr GTEECN GTE Eng Net [47,CH102] R 192.5.165.rrr UNISYS-CAM-1 Unisys Camarillo R&D [DSR] R*192.5.166.rrr AWINET AWINET Bremerhaven [JMS17] R 192.5.167.rrr MCC-ACA6 MCC AI Subnet [47,CBD] R 192.5.168.rrr MCC-CAD2 MCC CAD2 Subnet [47,CBD] R 192.5.169.rrr MCC-CAD3 MCC PKG Subnet [47,CBD] G 192.5.170.rrr ANLNET1 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.171.rrr ANLNET2 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.172.rrr ANLNET3 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.173.rrr ANLNET4 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.174.rrr ANLNET5 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.175.rrr ANLNET6 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.176.rrr ANLNET7 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.177.rrr ANLNET8 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.178.rrr ANLNET9 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.179.rrr ANLNET10 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.180.rrr ANLNET11 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.181.rrr ANLNET12 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.182.rrr ANLNET13 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.183.rrr ANLNET14 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.184.rrr ANLNET15 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.185.rrr ANLNET16 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.186.rrr ANLNET17 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.187.rrr ANLNET18 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.188.rrr ANLNET19 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.189.rrr ANLNET20 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.190.rrr ANLNET21 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.191.rrr ANLNET22 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.192.rrr ANLNET23 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.193.rrr ANLNET24 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.194.rrr ANLNET25 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.195.rrr ANLNET26 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.196.rrr ANLNET27 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.197.rrr ANLNET28 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.198.rrr ANLNET29 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.199.rrr ANLNET30 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.200.rrr ANLNET31 Argonne Net [47,LW26] G 192.5.201.rrr ANLNET32 Argonne Net [47,LW26] R 192.5.202.rrr FMC-CEL FMC-CEL Host Net [47,KW2] R*192.5.203.rrr OKSTATE-CS Okla State CS Net [47,MV24] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 33]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R 192.5.204.rrr SKL-ENET Canada-SKL-Ether [TS31] R*192.5.205.rrr ARC-CALGARY Alta Rsch Calgary [DK66] R 192.5.206.rrr BU-MATHNET BU-MATHNET [BS24] R 192.5.207.rrr BU-CHEMNET BU-CHEMNET [BS24] R 192.5.208.rrr BU-CLANET BU-CLANET [BS24] D 192.5.209.rrr SSDF-CDCNET DCD-DDN-Dev [RE22] G 192.5.210.rrr ECSNET Embedded Comp Sys Net [CAL7] R 192.5.211.rrr INTEL-IWARP Intel Iwarp Net [47,BT4] R*192.5.212.rrr CDC-PCAFAC CDC PCAFAC Ether [MCB5] R 192.5.213.rrr HARRIS Harris-GSSNet [DAT4] C 192.5.214.rrr DECUACNET Decuac Net [47,FMA1] R 192.5.215.rrr MASONNET GMU Net [47,TH15] R 192.5.216.rrr NTT-NET NTT Rsch Lab Net [47,YS10] R 192.5.217.rrr YALE-ZOO-NET Yale Apol Ed Net [HML1] D 192.5.218.rrr ARINC-GW-NET ARINC-Gw Net [YN] R 192.5.219.rrr CLEMSON Clemson Univ Comp Ctr [CH170] C 192.5.220.rrr SCCNET SPACECOM IP Net [47,MJO4] C 192.5.221.rrr CSC-LONS CSC-LONS Net [47,SWR3] C 192.5.222.rrr CSC-OIS CSC-OIS Net [47,SWR3] R*192.5.223.rrr HWELL-RE HWELL-RESD-ENGRG [47,PP36] D*192.5.224.rrr HAIC-NET Hughes AI Ctr Net [47,DMK18] C*192.5.225.rrr-192.5.236.rrr GE Calma Block [47,TR38] R 192.5.237.rrr SMITHKLINE SmithKline Beckman [MS9] 192.5.238.rrr-192.5.240.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.5.241.rrr USC-CYPRESS USC Cypress Net [7,MAB4] C*192.5.242.rrr MOT-ASIC Motorola Chandler LAN [GW49] C*192.5.243.rrr MOT-MESA Motorola Mesa LAN [GW49] C*192.5.244.rrr MOT-DOVER Motorola Dover LAN [GW49] C*192.5.245.rrr MOT-PRICE Motorola Price Rd LAN [GW49] C*192.5.246.rrr MOT-PICO Motorola Pico LAN [GW49] C*192.5.247.rrr MOT-52ND Motorola Semi MIS LAN [GW49] C*192.5.248.rrr MOT-AUSTIN Motorola Austin LAN [GW49] C*192.5.249.rrr MOT-OAKHILL Motorola Oakhill LAN [GW49] C*192.5.250.rrr MOT-TELAVIV Motorola Tel Aviv LAN [GW49] C*192.5.251.rrr MOT-GENEVA Motorola Geneva LAN [GW49] C*192.5.252.rrr MOT-TOKYO Motorola Tokyo LAN [GW49] C*192.5.253.rrr MOT-HONGKONG Motorola Hongkong LAN [GW49] R*192.5.254.rrr ANSA ANSA Proj [47,DO27] 192.5.255.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] C*192.6.0.rrr-192.6.200.rrr Hewlett-Packard [AG67] R 192.6.201.rrr UTSANANTONIO UT San Antonio [AA73] C*192.6.202.rrr-192.6.255.rrr HP [AG67] C*192.7.0.rrr-192.7.255.rrr Comp Consoles, Inc [RA11] C*192.8.0.rrr-192.8.255.rrr Spartacus Inc [EK48] C*192.9.0.rrr-192.9.255.rrr Sun MicroSys, Inc [BN4] C*192.10.0.rrr-192.10.40.rrr Symbolics, Inc [SE31] C*192.10.41.rrr TELLABS-MAIN Tellabs Corp Net [DB273] C*192.10.42.rrr-192.10.255.rrr Symbolics, Inc [SE31] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 34]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 C*192.11.0.rrr-192.11.255.rrr AT&T Bell Labs [MH82] R 192.12.0.rrr YALE-SUN-NET YALE-SUN-NET [HML1] R*192.12.1.rrr SUSSEX-CSNET Sussex Comp Sci Net [RS255] R*192.12.2.rrr AMDAHL Amdahl UTS Dev Grp [GAM8] C*192.12.3.rrr SLCS Schlumberger LCS Net [47,CG64] C*192.12.4.rrr SCG-NET Hughes SCG Net [48,DBM16] R 192.12.5.rrr AIC-LISPMS SRI-AIC-LISPMachNET [47,WMT] R 192.12.6.rrr NPS-C2 NPS-C2 [47,DW15] D 192.12.7.rrr SSSD-NET SUPSHIP San Diego Net [47,RGH21] D 192.12.8.rrr PICANET1 Pica Arsenal LAN1 [47,RFD1] R 192.12.9.rrr YALE-EE2-NET Yale 2nd EE Net [ASW3] R 192.12.10.rrr THENETDFW THENET Cisco Routers [LSV] R 192.12.11.rrr MIT-TEST MIT Gw Test Net [47,NC3] R 192.12.12.rrr SANTAFE San Fe Inst [SCP6] R 192.12.13.rrr JHU-NET1 JHU-NET1 [47,MJO7] R 192.12.14.rrr JHU-NET2 JHU-NET2 [47,MJO7] R 192.12.15.rrr BROOKNET BNL Brooknet III [47,GR9] R 192.12.16.rrr PRMNET SRI-SURAN-EN [47,PEM4] G 192.12.17.rrr LLL-TIS-NET LLL-TIS-NET [47,48,NAL] R 192.12.18.rrr CIT-CS-10NET Caltech 10Meg Ether [50,AD22] R 192.12.19.rrr CIT-NET Caltech Camp Net [50,AD22] R 192.12.20.rrr CIT-SUN-NET Caltech Sun Net [50,AD22] R 192.12.21.rrr CIT-PHYSCOMP Caltech Phys Comp [50,AD22] R 192.12.22.rrr UTCSRES UTCS Net Rsch [47,JSQ1] R 192.12.23.rrr UTCSTTY UTCS TTY Kludgenet [47,JSQ1] R 192.12.24.rrr MICANET MITRE-Exp [WDL] R 192.12.25.rrr CSS-GRAMINAE CSS WorkSta Net [24,DC115] 192.12.26.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.12.27.rrr UR-LASER UR Laser Energetics [47,WL31] R*192.12.28.rrr RIACS RIACS-Exp-Net [DG28] D 192.12.29.rrr RF-EVANS ADDCOMPE DC3 LAN1 [47,MB31] D 192.12.30.rrr RF-HEX-A ADDCOMPE DC3 LAN2 [47,MB31] D 192.12.31.rrr USNA-ENET USNA Eng Net [47,RAD15] R*192.12.32.rrr CMU-VINEYARD CMU File Cluster Net [47,MK68] R 192.12.33.rrr SRI-CSL-NET SRI-CSL 10MB Ether [DLE6] C*192.12.34.rrr-192.12.40.rrr Schlumberger LCS Net [47,CG64] C*192.12.41.rrr FAIRCHILD Fairchild Palo Alto [47,CG64] C*192.12.42.rrr DARNET DAR Apol Ring [47,CG64] C*192.12.43.rrr BENSON Schlumberger Benson [47,CG64] R 192.12.44.rrr NRTC-NET Northrop Rsch Net [47,RSM1] R 192.12.45.rrr ACC-SB-IMP-NET ACC San Barb C/30 IMP [AB20] R 192.12.46.rrr ACC-SB-ETHER ACC San Barb Ether [AB20] R*192.12.47.rrr CINECA-LAN1 Univ of Bologna [AA62] G 192.12.48.rrr AMES-ED-EXPNET Code ED Exp Net [47,MSM1] G 192.12.49.rrr AMES-ED-NET Code ED IP Net [47,MSM1] G 192.12.50.rrr AMES-HY-NET AMES-HY Net [47,MSM1] R 192.12.51.rrr THINK-CHAOS TMC Chaos [47,BJN1] 192.12.52.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 35]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R*192.12.53.rrr PU-LCA Princeton Univ LCA [47,CYH] 192.12.54.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.12.55.rrr HAZ-LPR-BETA Hazeltine LPR Net [47,KO11] R 192.12.56.rrr UTAH-AP-NET Utah-Apol-Ring-Net [JL15] R 192.12.57.rrr MCC-CAD1 MCC CAD Subnet [47,CBD] R 192.12.58.rrr MCC-ACA7 MCC AI Subnet [47,CBD] R 192.12.59.rrr MCC-ACA8 MCC DB Subnet [47,CBD] R 192.12.60.rrr MCC-ACA9 MCC HI Subnet [47,CBD] R 192.12.61.rrr MCC-SW-NET MCC SW Subnet [47,CBD] R 192.12.62.rrr DREA-ENET DREA Lispm & Vaxen [47,GLH5] R 192.12.63.rrr CYPRESS CYPRESS Serial Net [DT50] D 192.12.64.rrr LOGNET Logistics Net GW [4,JR15] D 192.12.65.rrr HELNET1 HELNET1 [47,MJM2] D 192.12.66.rrr HELNET2 HELNET2 [47,MJM2] D 192.12.67.rrr HELNET3 HELNET3 [47,MJM2] G 192.12.68.rrr ORNL-MSRNET ORNL Local Area Net [4,THD] R 192.12.69.rrr UA-CS-NET Univ of Ariz CS Dept [47,PAK6] R 192.12.70.rrr NPRDC-IPD NPRDC-IPD Rem Ether [LRB] R 192.12.71.rrr NPRDC-ISG NPRDC-ISG Rem Ether [LRB] R 192.12.72.rrr ULCC UK.AC.ULCC [RHC3] R 192.12.73.rrr BTRL UK.CO.BT-Rsch-LABS [RHC3] R*192.12.74.rrr APPLE-ETHER Apple Comp Ether [47,EF16] R*192.12.75.rrr PASC-RING IBM PASC Token Ring [GAL5] R*192.12.76.rrr UQ-NET Univ of Qld Net [47,AKH5] R*192.12.77.rrr CINECA-LAN2 Univ of Bologna [AA62] C*192.12.78.rrr GENNET Genentech Net [47,SM96] C*192.12.79.rrr SLI Soft Leverage Inc [MG58] R 192.12.80.rrr CAEN UMICH-CAEN [HWB] R 192.12.81.rrr YALE-RING-NET Yale Rsch Ring [HML1] C 192.12.82.rrr CU-CC-NET Columbia CC Net [47,BC14] G 192.12.83.rrr UCDLA-EXNET UCDLA Exp Net [CL64] G 192.12.84.rrr UCDLA-PCNET UCDLA Personal Net [CL64] G 192.12.85.rrr UCDLA-OPNET UCDLA Optical Disk [CL64] G 192.12.86.rrr UCDLA-RADNET UCDLA Pck Rad [CL64] G 192.12.87.rrr UCDLA-CSLNET UCDLA State Library [CL64] R*192.12.88.rrr RUTGERS-NWK Rutgers, Newark [CLH3] R 192.12.89.rrr SBCS-CSDEPT-1 SB Comp Sci [JS268] R 192.12.90.rrr SBCS-CSDEPT-2 SB Comp Sci [JS268] R 192.12.91.rrr RPICSNET0 RPICS-LOCALNET-0 [MS9] R 192.12.92.rrr RPICSNET1 RPICS-LOCALNET-1 [MS9] C*192.12.93.rrr TYMNET-MDC TYMNET-McDonnellDC [TDM8] R 192.12.94.rrr ROCKWELL-AI-TEMP Rockwell Palo Alto [BMW7] C*192.12.95.rrr NNWSI SAIC NNWSI Net [EJ12] R*192.12.96.rrr SUPELEC-GIF Reseau Supelec Gif [DC159] C 192.12.97.rrr IND-NTC NTC ARPA Test Net [AB98] R 192.12.98.rrr SHIRBAY-ENET Shirley Bay Site LAN [TS31] C*192.12.99.rrr FCSL-NET Ferranti CSL [SA47] D 192.12.100.rrr OOG1 OO/ALC-SC-Gw1 [JD86] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 36]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R*192.12.101.rrr OSU-CGRG OSU Comp Graphics [47,KS62] G 192.12.102.rrr AMES-NAS-HY AMES NAS HY Net [MSM1] R 192.12.103.rrr CSU-USC-ETHER Colo State Univ Nets [MM333] R 192.12.104.rrr CSU-NREL-ETHER Colo State Univ Nets [MM333] 192.12.105.rrr-192.12.108.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.12.109.rrr-192.12.118.rrr Colo State Univ Nets [RB218] C*192.12.119.rrr XYPLEX Xyplex Eng [DP91] D 192.12.120.rrr MITRE-B-NET MITRE Bedford Ether [BSW] R 192.12.121.rrr FSUCS FSU Comp Sci 1 [TB4] R 192.12.122.rrr FSUCS2 FSU Comp Sci 2 [TB4] G 192.12.123.rrr AMES-CCF-NET AMES CCF Net [47,MSM1] D 192.12.124.rrr ETL-LAN ETL Local Area Net [47,WWS] D 192.12.125.rrr CRDEC-NET1 CRDEC-NET1 [47,REA3] D 192.12.126.rrr CRDEC-NET2 CRDEC-NET2 [47,REA3] R 192.12.127.rrr LL-MI-NET LL-Mach Intell [47,KLS24] R 192.12.128.rrr BRADLEY Bradley Univ [47,LH124] C*192.12.129.rrr SYM-CAN Symbolics/Canada [MMH5] 192.12.130.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.12.131.rrr SAC-ADMIN SRI-SAC Admin Net [47,KMC3] R 192.12.132.rrr LLL-MON LLL Open Labnet-1 [47,LL64] R 192.12.133.rrr LLL-TUES LLL Open Labnet-2 [47,LL64] R 192.12.134.rrr LLL-WED LLL Open Labnet-3 [47,LL64] R 192.12.135.rrr LLL-THU LLL Open Labnet-4 [47,LL64] R 192.12.136.rrr LLL-FRI LLL Open Labnet-5 [47,LL64] R 192.12.137.rrr LLL-SAT LLL Open Labnet-6 [47,LL64] R 192.12.138.rrr LLL-SUN LLL Open Labnet-7 [47,LL64] D 192.12.139.rrr JTELS-BEN-GW JUMPS Teleprocessing [RR26] R*192.12.140.rrr INFERENCE INFERENCE [DGT6] R 192.12.141.rrr CSS-ETHER CSS WorkSta Net 2 [DC115] C*192.12.142.rrr SENTRY Sentry Adv Prod Net [JB348] C*192.12.143.rrr VSHIC-NET Sentry VSHIC Test [JB348] R 192.12.144.rrr ECRCNET ECRC Int [47,PD39] C*192.12.145.rrr-192.12.154.rrr RCA-CADNET [47,RG92] C*192.12.155.rrr-192.12.170.rrr MTCS-CUST [SF41] D 192.12.171.rrr PICANET2 Pica Arsenal 2 [RFD1] R 192.12.172.rrr ROCKWELLENET Rockwell Ether [NG] 192.12.173.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R*192.12.174.rrr-192.12.183.rrr TORONTO [47,BD55] R 192.12.184.rrr DSPO-NET BRL Hyper Proj Net [BT5] R 192.12.185.rrr BOSTONU-NET BOSTONU-NET [JSOL] R 192.12.186.rrr BU-ACCNET BU-ACCNET [JSOL] R 192.12.187.rrr BU-BROADB BU-BRdB [JSOL] R 192.12.188.rrr BU-SCINET BU-SCINET [JSOL] R 192.12.189.rrr BU-ENGNET BU-ENGNET [JSOL] R 192.12.190.rrr BU-DSGNET BU-DSGNET [JSOL] R 192.12.191.rrr BU-MEDNET BU-MEDNET [JSOL] R 192.12.192.rrr ITALY-EXTNET Italy Extern Stubnet [ABB2] R 192.12.193.rrr ITALY-INTNET Italy Int Net [ABB2] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 37]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R 192.12.194.rrr CNUCE-LAN3 CNR Pisa Ether [ABB2] R 192.12.195.rrr UNISYS-ISF-7 Unisys ISF Net 7 [MS22] R*192.12.196.rrr AZMATH AZMATH Net [JC315] D 192.12.197.rrr ACATT-ETHER1 ADEA/CECOM Adv Tech [47,ERK3] D 192.12.198.rrr ACATT-ETHER2 ADEA/CECOM Adv Tech [47,ERK3] D 192.12.199.rrr LEWIS-ETHER1 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [47,ERK3] D 192.12.200.rrr SRI-PSON-10 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [47,ERK3] D 192.12.201.rrr SRI-PSON-11 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [47,ERK3] D 192.12.202.rrr SRI-PSON-12 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [47,ERK3] D 192.12.203.rrr SRI-PSON-13 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [47,ERK3] D 192.12.204.rrr SRI-PSON-14 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [47,ERK3] R 192.12.205.rrr OHIO-STATE1 Ohio State Univ [RSD2] R 192.12.206.rrr INDIANA Indiana-Bloomington [BS69] R 192.12.207.rrr SUPERCOMP SDSC-Super [GKN1] G*192.12.208.rrr SUN-IPC SUN-IPC Net [BT5] R 192.12.209.rrr NSF NSF Int Net [FW17] D 192.12.210.rrr FSTC Army FSTC Net [BB64] R 192.12.211.rrr JVNC NSF/JVNC Net [SH37] R 192.12.212.rrr RAND-NET2 RAND-NET2 [JDG] R 192.12.213.rrr RAND-NET3 RAND-NET3 [JDG] 192.12.214.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.12.215.rrr XDRENET DRE X.25 Component [TS31] R 192.12.216.rrr STEVENS-TECH Stevens Inst of Tech [47,RCM9] C*192.12.217.rrr KYFY-CARTO Kummerly and Frey [WH96] C*192.12.218.rrr KYFY-GEOGR Kummerly and Frey [WH96] C*192.12.219.rrr ARIA Aria Intl Rsch Net [FL27] R 192.12.220.rrr WISC-FERD UWISC-IPNET [47,EJN1] 192.12.221.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] 192.12.222.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.12.223.rrr WISC-OZNET UWISC-IPNET [47,EJN1] R 192.12.224.rrr WISC-OZES UWISC-IPNET [47,EJN1] R 192.12.225.rrr-192.12.234.rrr UWISC-IPNET [47,EJN1] R*192.12.235.rrr IDA-NET Comp Sc Linkoping S [MSA1] R 192.12.236.rrr CITNET CIT Camp Net [47,CBR2] R 192.12.237.rrr HCSC-APOLLO Honeywell CSC Apol [2,DB322] R*192.12.238.rrr CU-BOULDER CU Boulder Camp [47,DCMW] R*192.12.239.rrr CU-ACS CU ACS Net [47,DCMW] R*192.12.240.rrr CU-ENGINEER CU Eng Net [47,DCMW] R*192.12.241.rrr CU-SUNNET CU Sun Net [47,DCMW] R*192.12.242.rrr CU-CER CU CER Net [47,DCMW] R*192.12.243.rrr CU-OT CU Off Tower [47,DCMW] R*192.12.244.rrr CU-ENTERPRISE CU ECE Sun Net [47,DCMW] R*192.12.245.rrr CU-LASP CU LASP Net [47,DCMW] R*192.12.246.rrr CU-BOULDER CU JILA Net [47,DCMW] R*192.12.247.rrr TROTTINET Phy Inst Univ-Zuerich [US2] R 192.12.248.rrr ATD1 Harris ATD Net [TS14] R 192.12.249.rrr ATD2 Harris ATD Net [TS14] R 192.12.250.rrr MRNET Minn Reg Net [JAW34] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 38]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 C*192.12.251.rrr CDCNET-SDD CDC SDD Test Net [RAM57] R*192.12.252.rrr LL-VENET1 LL Venet1 [47,BC65] R*192.12.253.rrr LL-VENET2 LL Venet2 [47,BC65] R*192.12.254.rrr LL-APOLLO LL Apol [47,BC65] R*192.12.255.rrr LL-ENET LL Enet [47,BC65] D 192.13.0.rrr-192.14.255.rrr DODIIS Subnets [AY5] C*192.15.0.rrr-192.15.255.rrr NBINET [WW2] G 192.16.0.rrr-192.16.15.rrr LANLLAN [47,PCW] G 192.16.16.rrr S3-ETHER1-NET S3-ETHER1-NET [47,PCW] G 192.16.17.rrr-192.16.49.rrr LANLLAN [47,PCW] R 192.16.50.rrr-192.16.71.rrr RPI-LOCALNETS [47,MS9] R 192.16.72.rrr THENET Texas Higher Edu Net [47,LSV] R*192.16.73.rrr LIFL Lab d'Info Fond Lille [ED54] R 192.16.74.rrr OTSTOKEN OTSTOKEN Network [47,DLN12] C*192.16.75.rrr-192.16.122.rrr CSC-Block [47,SWR3] R 192.16.123.rrr SICSNET Swedish Net [JW302] R*192.16.124.rrr-192.16.154.rrr Swedish Net [BE10] R*192.16.155.rrr-192.16.166.rrr CERN-Block [BMS2] R 192.16.167.rrr YALE-HP-NET YALE-HP-NET [HML1] D 192.16.168.rrr PICANET3 Pica 3 [RFD1] D 192.16.169.rrr NRL-HUBNET Exp Hubnet [MPM] 192.16.170.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.16.171.rrr MACOM M/A-COM Net [TSC11] C*192.16.172.rrr EIK-ENG Eikonix Eng Net [SW78] D 192.16.173.rrr CDA-LAN Catalog Data Act LAN [FJS3] R 192.16.174.rrr LL-MICRO-NET LL Microelec Net [GLD] R 192.16.175.rrr GUACC GU Academic Net [SA] R 192.16.176.rrr LSUNET LSU Camp Ether [CFB1] C*192.16.177.rrr FJINET Flying J Inc Net [CE41] R*192.16.178.rrr NTT-Y-ETHER NTT-Y-LAB Ether Net [RN29] R*192.16.179.rrr NTT-Y-APOLLO NTT-Y-LAB Apol Net [RN29] 192.16.180.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.16.181.rrr LL-DSN-NET LL Dist Sensor Net [KLS24] R*192.16.182.rrr GTICS-SUNS GT ICS Faculty Suns [DD11] R*192.16.183.rrr WCW-LAN WCW Camp Net [JA] R 192.16.184.rrr CWI-ETHER WCW Camp Net [PB13] R*192.16.185.rrr-192.16.202.rrr WCW Camp Net [JA] R 192.16.203.rrr HCSC-SUN Honeywell CSC Sun [DB322] R 192.16.204.rrr IASNET Inst for Adv Study [KHJ] R*192.16.205.rrr-192.16.255.rrr DRE Ottawa [RB567] R*192.17.0.rrr-192.17.4.rrr NIBELUNG [MA24] R 192.17.5.rrr UIUC-CSO-DCLNET UIUC-CSO-DCLNET [MA24] R*192.17.6.rrr-192.17.255.rrr NIBELUNG [MA24] C*192.18.0.rrr-192.18.255.rrr Sun MicroSys, Inc [BN4] C*192.19.0.rrr-192.19.255.rrr SYSNET-2 [EY5] C*192.20.0.rrr-192.20.255.rrr ATT-MD-NET [47,MH82] C*192.21.0.rrr-192.21.255.rrr FORMATIVE [SAB17] C*192.22.0.rrr-192.22.255.rrr APPLICON [AS90] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 39]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 C*192.23.0.rrr-192.23.255.rrr FACTRON Net [JCB42] C*192.24.0.rrr-192.24.255.rrr CHROMATICS [RB219] R*192.25.0.rrr-192.25.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [SI8] D*192.26.0.rrr ACSAD ACSAD Net [SLH19] R 192.26.1.rrr MCC-ACA10 MCC DB1 Net [CBD] R 192.26.2.rrr MCC-ACA11 MCC DB2 Net [CBD] R 192.26.3.rrr MCC-ACA12 MCC DB3 Net [CBD] R 192.26.4.rrr MCC-ACA13 MCC DB4 Net [CBD] R 192.26.5.rrr MCC-ACA14 MCC DB5 Net [CBD] R 192.26.6.rrr MCC-ACA15 MCC DB6 Net [CBD] R 192.26.7.rrr SPAWAR SPAWAR Sys Command [JK7] D 192.26.8.rrr SAIC-CPVB SAIC-CPVB [MAW25] R*192.26.9.rrr ICOT ICOT Local Net [MY14] R 192.26.10.rrr GALLAUDET Gallaudet Univ [KBC] D 192.26.11.rrr NRL-HUBNET1 Exptal Hubnet 1 [MPM] D 192.26.12.rrr NRL-HUBNET2 Exptal Hubnet 2 [MPM] D 192.26.13.rrr NRL-HUBNET3 Exptal Hubnet 3 [MPM] D 192.26.14.rrr NRL-HUBNET4 Exptal Hubnet 4 [MPM] D 192.26.15.rrr NRL-HUBNET5 Exptal Hubnet 5 [MPM] D 192.26.16.rrr NRL-HUBNET6 Exptal Hubnet 6 [MPM] D 192.26.17.rrr NRL-HUBNET7 Exptal Hubnet 7 [MPM] D 192.26.18.rrr NRL-HUBNET8 Exptal Hubnet 8 [MPM] D 192.26.19.rrr NRL-HUBNET9 Exptal Hubnet 9 [MPM] D 192.26.20.rrr NSYPTSMH-LAN NSY-PTSMH-LAN [TSD3] R 192.26.21.rrr UNISYS-ISF-8 Unisys ISF Net 8 [MS22] R 192.26.22.rrr UNISYS-ISF-9 Unisys ISF Net 9 [MS22] R 192.26.23.rrr UNISYS-ISF-10 Unisys ISF Net 10 [MS22] R 192.26.24.rrr UNISYS-ISF-11 Unisys ISF Net 11 [MS22] R 192.26.25.rrr LUCID Lucid Net [BM68] D 192.26.26.rrr NRL-FIBER NRL Fiber Optic Net [WF3] C*192.26.27.rrr ICON-ETHER ICON Intl Ether [RH227] R*192.26.28.rrr-192.26.47.rrr EPFL [YD2] G*192.26.48.rrr FORUM Region 2 ISC Net [MR101] R 192.26.49.rrr OTS-192-26-49 UTOTS Network [47,LSV] R*192.26.50.rrr-192.26.82.rrr Silicon Graphics, Inc [RB221] R 192.26.83.rrr CSM-NET Colo School of Mines [KL31] R 192.26.84.rrr NPRDC-FTC NPRDC-FTC Rem Ether [LRB] R 192.26.85.rrr NUSAN NU Super Access Net [JPD18] R 192.26.86.rrr PHYSICS-SAC NU Phy [JPD18] R 192.26.87.rrr MS-SAC NU Material Sci SAC [JPD18] R 192.26.88.rrr YALE-ENG-NET YALE-ENG-NET [HML1] D 192.26.89.rrr JTELS-BEN1-GW JTELS-BEN1-GW [RR26] C*192.26.90.rrr SYNTELNET-A Syntelligence IPNET-A [RAR22] R*192.26.91.rrr KDD KDD Rsch Net [TA24] R*192.26.92.rrr WRIGHT Wright State Univ [JLS45] R 192.26.93.rrr AECL-NET NTT Atsugi Lab Net [TK43] R*192.26.94.rrr NTT-AP-NET NTT ECL Apol Net [HM38] R 192.26.95.rrr LL-VLSI-NET Lincoln Lab VLSI Net [AHA] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 40]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R*192.26.96.rrr FX-STC-NET2 FX-Tokyo-10BM-Net2 [SY8] C*192.26.97.rrr RCA-SNOOPY Peanut Net [RAR23] C*192.26.98.rrr TASC-CTC-NET TASC Reading CTC Net [KDM5] C 192.26.99.rrr FAI FAI Local Net [MWS10] C 192.26.100.rrr PROTEON-EXP1 Proteon Exp Net 1 [JS28] C 192.26.101.rrr PROTEON-EXP2 Proteon Exp Net 2 [JS28] C 192.26.102.rrr PROTEON-EXP3 Proteon Exp Net 3 [JS28] D 192.26.103.rrr EXNET CECOM Exp Net [MB31] R*192.26.104.rrr-192.26.135.rrr FINLAND [JH141] R 192.26.136.rrr WASHINGTON-TEMP Comp Sci Ether C [NJB7] 192.26.137.rrr-192.26.146.rrr SYR-MH-NET [JW47] R 192.26.147.rrr WLV-ETHER ETN-WLV-ETHER [SMS1] R 192.26.148.rrr UMDNJ-NRAC UMDNJ-NRAC-NJMS [LPM] R 192.26.149.rrr LL43-LEX-SUNC Grp43 Lexington Net C [VBK] R 192.26.150.rrr LL43-TB-SUNA Grp43 Testbed Net A [VBK] C*192.26.151.rrr LATICORP LatiCorp Net [47,CC108] R 192.26.152.rrr FERNWOODNET1 Fernwood SLIP Net [GEOF] R*192.26.153.rrr CONNCOLL Conn College LAN [SBB9] C*192.26.154.rrr-192.26.173.rrr Philips SERI Tech Net [OK6] R*192.26.174.rrr-192.26.193.rrr Univ of Paderborn [RF130] G*192.26.194.rrr-192.26.209.rrr FRB WorkSta Nets [RPD5] 192.26.210.rrr-192.26.255.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.27.0.rrr-192.27.255.rrr Hughes Air VLSI [PH45] C*192.28.0.rrr-192.28.99.rrr MN Mining & Mfg Net [LS103] R*192.28.100.rrr-192.28.255.rrr Ford Subnets [FJB3] C*192.29.0.rrr-192.29.255.rrr Sun MicroSys, Inc [BN4] C*192.30.0.rrr-192.30.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [18,26,SI8] R 192.31.0.rrr PURDUE-GEOSC PURDUE-GEOSciS [DT50] C*192.31.1.rrr CSD-GTE-LAN CSD-GTE-LAN-NEEDHAM [47,MM373] R 192.31.2.rrr YCC-SYS-LT YCC Localtalk Net [ASW3] R 192.31.3.rrr ALCOA-NET Alcoa Rsch Net [35,JOG] C*192.31.4.rrr I2-ETHER-3 I2 RCE Net [47,CB42] R 192.31.5.rrr BOEING-ATC Boeing BCS ATC LAN [47,PM37] C 192.31.6.rrr SQ-ETHER SoftQuad Inc LAN [47,BG23] C 192.31.7.rrr CISCO-NET cisco Sys Net [47,KSL] G 192.31.8.rrr USNA-CADNET US Naval Acad Net [47,RAD15] R 192.31.9.rrr YALE-SUN2-NET YALE-SUN2-NET [RB187] R 192.31.10.rrr UTACC-ETHER1 US Army Europe Net [47,EK18] R 192.31.11.rrr UTACC-ETHER2 US Army Europe Net [47,EK18] R 192.31.12.rrr UTACC-ETHER3 US Army Europe Net [47,EK18] R 192.31.13.rrr UTACC-ETHER4 US Army Europe Net [47,EK18] R 192.31.14.rrr CUDENVER-TEMP Denver Camp Net [47,RH286] C*192.31.15.rrr CASETEK CASE Tech, Inc [47,PML1] D 192.31.16.rrr CC1-ENET CENTCOM Ether [47,GIH] D 192.31.17.rrr CENTCOM-TEST CENTCOM-MILNET-LAN [KMC3] D 192.31.18.rrr CC3-ENET CENTCOM Ether [47,GIH] D 192.31.19.rrr CC4-ENET CENTCOM Ether [47,GIH] D 192.31.20.rrr CC5-ENET CENTCOM Ether [47,GIH] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 41]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R 192.31.21.rrr SDSC-APOLLO SDSC Apol Ring [2,GKN1] C*192.31.22.rrr SDCCARY SAS Data Ctr - Cary [DK5] R*192.31.23.rrr KULEUVEN-CS Kuleuven Comp Sci [47,JH18] D 192.31.24.rrr ALBM-NET Lockheed ALBM Net [47,NB16] C*192.31.25.rrr NBKNET-AI Northbrook IPNET-AI [JC272] C*192.31.26.rrr ISTNET Imperial Soft Net [47,NT12] R 192.31.27.rrr ALTAIR-NET Inria ALTAIR ILOG [OG4] R 192.31.28.rrr STEWARD-OBS Steward Ob [47,SS80] R*192.31.29.rrr AMDAHL-TTD Amdahl Test Dev [47,DR71] R 192.31.30.rrr ADS-DC-NET ADS Wash [47,WR66] C*192.31.31.rrr AXION-NET BT Axion Net [47,NT13] C*192.31.32.rrr-192.31.36.rrr NSKK Local Area Net [47,AK36] C*192.31.37.rrr SDCAPOLL SAS Data Ctr - Cary [DK5] C*192.31.38.rrr TIATSPINE TI Attleboro Spine [WDR7] R 192.31.39.rrr UTAH-NSS Utah Westnet NSS Net [AC98] R 192.31.40.rrr YALE-SUN3-NET YALE-SUN3-NET [RB187] R 192.31.41.rrr YALE-RT-NET YALE-RT-NET [RB187] R 192.31.42.rrr YALE-RT2-NET YALE-RT2-NET [RB187] R 192.31.43.rrr CNSNET Caltech-CNS Bio Net [47,DC99] C 192.31.44.rrr MRC-NET McLean Rsch Ctr [WLG7] R 192.31.45.rrr WILLIAMS Williams College [47,DA106] R*192.31.46.rrr LFU_ETHER Lab for Ultrasonics [MRK14] R 192.31.47.rrr-192.31.61.rrr BAY Area Regional Net [AB71] R*192.31.62.rrr SRI-CAM SRI Cambridge UK [47,AGS5] R 192.31.63.rrr SCUBED-BBONE SCUBED-BBONE-NET [47,TH60] R 192.31.64.rrr S3-RESEARCH S3-Rsch-NET [47,TH60] R 192.31.65.rrr S3-FIBER-NET S3-FIBER-NET [47,TH60] R 192.31.66.rrr S3-ABQNET S3-ABQNET [47,TH60] R 192.31.67.rrr S3-SLIP-NET S3-SLIP-NET [47,TH60] R 192.31.68.rrr S3-THIN-NET S3-THIN-NET [47,TH60] R 192.31.69.rrr S3-BBONE2-NET S3-BBONE2-NET [47,TH60] R 192.31.70.rrr S3-ETHER2-NET S3-ETHER2-NET [47,TH60] R 192.31.71.rrr S3-ETHER3-NET S3-ETHER3-NET [47,TH60] R 192.31.72.rrr S3-ETHER4-NET S3-ETHER4-NET [47,TH60] C*192.31.73.rrr MTEL-APOLLO M/A-COM MTEL Apol [47,TSC11] C*192.31.74.rrr GSD-PCNET M/A-COM GSSD Apol [47,MDP16] D 192.31.75.rrr HQDA-AI Pentagon Army AI Net [47,WAA6] D 192.31.76.rrr CSTLNET Combat Sys Tech Lab [MP20] C*192.31.77.rrr MAPNET Mervine & Pallesen [47,BH80] C*192.31.78.rrr WELLSNET-A1 Wells Fargo IPNET-A1 [47,JN47] C*192.31.79.rrr WACHOVIANET-AI Wachovia IPNET-AI [47,PMH3] 192.31.80.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] C*192.31.81.rrr ICAD-ETHER ICAD Core Ether [CJ57] D 192.31.82.rrr HQEIS HQ AFSC EIS [47,SMK2] R 192.31.83.rrr OSUNET OSU Camp Net [PW37] C*192.31.84.rrr CUBI Cubicomp Corp Net [2,SFJ] C 192.31.85.rrr CLINET Comp Logic Net [47,WAH11] R 192.31.86.rrr WM-CS William and Mary CS [REN14] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 42]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R 192.31.87.rrr HARC-NET Houston Area Rsch Ctr [JRS67] R 192.31.88.rrr BCMTECH-NET BCM Tech Net [47,SB98] R 192.31.89.rrr MIAMI-NET Univ of Miami [47,HWP2] R 192.31.90.rrr MORAVIAN Moravian College [JPS17] R*192.31.91.rrr NECAM-TEMP NECAmerica [ARS3] R 192.31.92.rrr CIT-CONTROL Caltech Control Lab [47,JD27] R 192.31.93.rrr CIT-SRLNET Caltech SRL Net [47,CJL2] C*192.31.94.rrr SYNTHESIS Synthesis Net [LL56] R*192.31.95.rrr UCCNET UC Corp, Admin Net [47,AC42] G 192.31.96.rrr ORNL-OSTINET OSTI Local Area Net [29,THD] R 192.31.97.rrr KSU-NET Kansas State Univ [47,MSM1] D 192.31.98.rrr PBAS-BEN2-GW PBAS-BEN2-Gw [RR26] R 192.31.99.rrr UTENNK-RES Univ of Tenn-Knox [JDC20] D 192.31.100.rrr GUNTER-LAN-1 EDS-ULANA-TEST-GUNTR [TMD6] R 192.31.101.rrr TSU-NET Texas Southern Univ [47,AZ] C*192.31.102.rrr LEUZENET Leuze Electronic Co [FBR2] R 192.31.103.rrr CSNET-NET CSNET Pt to Pt Net [LL53] 192.31.104.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R*192.31.105.rrr UCC-PRO-UCB UC Corp, Admin Net [47,AC42] D 192.31.106.rrr NSWSES-NAVY PORT-HUENEME-CBC [MJJ1] R*192.31.107.rrr ASN428-NET Alabama Cray-428 Net [JRS48] R*192.31.108.rrr UCFCSNET UCF CS Deparment Net [47,TB64] R*192.31.109.rrr FREDONIA SUC-FREDONIA [JM278] C*192.31.110.rrr ADCAPOLL Austin Data Ctr Apol [RC113] R*192.31.111.rrr AIRMICS AIRMICS Rsch Net [DFH2] R*192.31.112.rrr TRINCOLL Trinity-Hartford [46,PS173] C*192.31.113.rrr ODYSSEY Odyssey Rsch [JH22] C*192.31.114.rrr DRINET DRI Eng Net [26,KB60] C*192.31.115.rrr FIRENET-AI Fireman's Fund IPNET [47,CO16] R*192.31.116.rrr-192.31.124.rrr Univ of Tokyo Net [47,JM292] R*192.31.125.rrr-192.31.144.rrr DUT Net [47,FD18] R 192.31.145.rrr SIGNET Small IP Gw Net [47,PGM] R 192.31.146.rrr UCR UC Rivside [47,DM157] D 192.31.147.rrr NUWESNET NUWES-KEYPORT-LAN [RM125] C*192.31.148.rrr AIGNET-AI AIG IPNET-AI [47,RK51] C*192.31.149.rrr WACNET-AI 1st Wachovia IPNET [47,PMH3] C*192.31.150.rrr STPNET-AI St. Paul IPNET-AI [47,RLP30] C*192.31.151.rrr COGNITIONNET CI-Headquarters [47,DG177] C 192.31.152.rrr ROSENET Rosetta Net [47,SW73] R 192.31.153.rrr SALKNET Salk Inst Net [47,JOO] R 192.31.154.rrr UNMHC-DEV U of NM Hyper Net [47,KDZ] R 192.31.155.rrr GEOLOGY-NWU Northwestern Geology [47,JPD18] R*192.31.156.rrr CANISIUS-CS Canisius Comp Sci [47,MS101] R 192.31.157.rrr RTNET C3P Ether Cube [47,SC81] D 192.31.158.rrr DAITC-NET Def Appl Info Tech [47,CG24] R 192.31.159.rrr NYTGCYLAB NYTGCYLAB [47,SS110] D 192.31.160.rrr NUWES-C-NET NUWES-KEYPORT-LAN [RM125] R 192.31.161.rrr UCB-UCSC-NET UCB-UCSC 56K Backup [CF4] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 43]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 192.31.162.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.31.163.rrr C3P-NET C3P SUN Subnet [47,HLW7] D 192.31.164.rrr MO-NET MITRE Omaha Net [47,SM62] R 192.31.165.rrr NOAO-TUCSON NOAO-TUCSON Ether [47,SG1] R*192.31.166.rrr EUTEA EUT-Elec-DEPT [JVE2] R*192.31.167.rrr EUTES EUT-Elec-DEPT-ES [JVE2] R*192.31.168.rrr EUTEB EUT-Elec-DEPT-EB [JVE2] R*192.31.169.rrr EUTEEB EUT-Elec-DEPT-EEB [JVE2] R*192.31.170.rrr EUTEEA EUT-Elec-DEPT-EEA [JVE2] R*192.31.171.rrr EUTEX EUT-Elec-DEPT-EX [JVE2] D 192.31.172.rrr IH-POE-GW IH-POE-GW [47,LK27] R 192.31.173.rrr NORTHWESTNET Wiche Northwest Net [26,GK44] D 192.31.174.rrr CORONA-GW FLEET-ANALYSIS-NET [47,LM35] C*192.31.175.rrr ZAIAZ ZAIAZ InterNatl [47,WDW2] R*192.31.176.rrr CADR CAD Rsch Net [MA56] R 192.31.177.rrr THINK-INET-1 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.178.rrr THINK-INET-2 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.179.rrr THINK-INET-3 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.180.rrr THINK-INET-4 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.181.rrr THINK-INET-5 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.182.rrr THINK-INET-6 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.183.rrr THINK-INET-7 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.184.rrr THINK-INET-8 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.185.rrr THINK-INET-9 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.186.rrr THINK-INET-10 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.187.rrr THINK-INET-11 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.188.rrr THINK-INET-12 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.189.rrr THINK-INET-13 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.190.rrr THINK-INET-14 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.191.rrr THINK-INET-15 Thinking Machs Ether [47,BN9] R 192.31.192.rrr SUPER IDA Super Net [47,RSH] R 192.31.193.rrr CUA Catholic Univ [47,ECM6] R 192.31.194.rrr YALE-RT3-NET YALE-RT3-NET [RB187] R 192.31.195.rrr YALE-CHAOS-NET YALE-CHAOS-NET [RB187] R*192.31.196.rrr SERC-NET Purdue SERC Net [26,DT50] G*192.31.197.rrr-192.31.206.rrr Electrotech Lab Nets [36,TO4] R 192.31.207.rrr HCSC-SUN2 Honeywell CSDD Sun 2 [47,DB322] D 192.31.208.rrr CENTERNET-TEMP NAVWPNSUPPCEN-LAN [JA91] C*192.31.209.rrr PHRED Physio Redmond [47,MG95] R 192.31.210.rrr STSCI-C-NET Space Telescope Net [LAB5] R 192.31.211.rrr EMSE-INET RES-LOC Mines Info [47,JFC6] C*192.31.212.rrr LUCID-ETHER1 Lucid Ether 1 [47,LNZ] C*192.31.213.rrr LUCID-APOLLO Lucid Apol Net [47,LNZ] R 192.31.214.rrr ALASKANET Univ of Alaska Net [33,GK44] R 192.31.215.rrr MONTANANET Montana State Univ [33,GK44] R 192.31.216.rrr WSUNET WSU Net [33,GK44] R 192.31.217.rrr MCC-ACA1 MCC ACA1 Net [47,CBD] R 192.31.218.rrr MCC-ACA2 MCC ACA2 Net [47,CBD] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 44]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R 192.31.219.rrr MCC-ACA3 MCC ACA3 Net [47,CBD] R 192.31.220.rrr MCC-ACA4 MCC ACA4 Net [47,CBD] R 192.31.221.rrr MCC-ACA5 MCC ACA5 Net [47,CBD] R*192.31.222.rrr CAYMAN-IP Cayman Sys IP Net [47,BP52] R*192.31.223.rrr UNO-NET Univ of New Orleans [DES43] C*192.31.224.rrr HCR-ETHER HCR Corp Net [JR222] D 192.31.225.rrr MINSY-POE MINSY-POE-NAVSHIPYD [47,RWC34] D 192.31.226.rrr LOGAIRCOMNET LOGAIR COMNET [GT37] C*192.31.227.rrr KSR-ETHER-1 KSR Cambridge Ether 1 [47,BIM] D 192.31.228.rrr MONMOUTH-1 Ft. Monmouth Net-1 [47,GOA] R*192.31.229.rrr AMDAHL-DAPE Amdahl Des Auto Phy [47,JFD9] R 192.31.230.rrr INCSYS Incremental Sys [46,JS281] R*192.31.231.rrr VUCS-AMS VU CS Net [47,HVS1] C*192.31.232.rrr CFI-NET CFI Ether [47,SL47] C*192.31.233.rrr CNT-CORP CNT Backbone Net [47,RM176] R 192.31.234.rrr YALE-SUN4-NET YALE-SUN4-NET [HML1] R 192.31.235.rrr YALE-MISC-NET YALE-MISC-NET [HML1] R 192.31.236.rrr YALE-CS-NET YALE-CS-NET [HML1] R 192.31.237.rrr CIT-SEISMO Caltech Seis Lab [47,DN69] D 192.31.238.rrr NCP-LAN NAVCOMPARS-DDN [JM246] D 192.31.239.rrr SEACOMNET NAVSEA Comm Net [JH10] C*192.31.240.rrr LEXICON Lexicon Etn [MK75] G 192.31.241.rrr MSFC-DR-NET MSFC Data Red Net [47,MSM1] R 192.31.242.rrr DIALUP-IP CSNET-DIALUP-IP-Net [DBL1] R*192.31.243.rrr WRIGHT-SE Wright State Univ [47,JLS45] C 192.31.244.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] D 192.31.245.rrr BITS-NET PENSACOLA-BITS-NET [AM95] C 192.31.246.rrr MARBLE-NET Marble R&D Int [47,ME38] C*192.31.247.rrr CVBNET CV Backbone Net [47,AC66] R*192.31.248.rrr AJTNET Aerojet Tustin Net [47,RJH33] C*192.31.249.rrr ADELIE Adelie Info Net [47,BAB7] C*192.31.250.rrr THALATTA-NET Thalatta Corp Net [47,JPB17] 192.31.251.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] C*192.31.252.rrr FTC-ETHER-A Framentec Ether [47,RS253] R 192.31.253.rrr CQENET Quality Eng Net [47,JPD18] R 192.31.254.rrr ALFREDNET CERAMICSOFALFREDNET [47,CLB36] 192.31.255.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] C*192.32.0.rrr-192.32.255.rrr Wellfleet Customer [AW56] 192.33.0.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R*192.33.1.rrr MTHOLYOKE Mount Holyoke [47,WB53] C*192.33.2.rrr MRST-NET MRS Tech Net [18,ER42] D 192.33.3.rrr DDN-OFFICE DDN Program Off Net [47,MCSJ] R 192.33.4.rrr NYSERLAN NYSERNETLAN [47,MS9] D 192.33.5.rrr CAC-CEN1 CAC Concept Eval Net [26,BG25] D 192.33.6.rrr CAC-CEN2 CAC Concept Eval Net [26,BG25] D 192.33.7.rrr CAC-CEN3 CAC Concept Eval Net [26,BG25] D 192.33.8.rrr CAC-CEN4 CAC Concept Eval Net [26,BG25] D 192.33.9.rrr CAC-CEN5 CAC Concept Eval Net [26,BG25] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 45]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R 192.33.10.rrr NOAO-KPNO NOAO-KPNO Ether [47,SG1] R 192.33.11.rrr NOAO-ORION NOAO-Tucson-Orion [47,SG1] R*192.33.12.rrr HAMPSHIRE Hampshire College [47,PT23] D 192.33.13.rrr BRL-CDCNET BRL CDC Local Net [RR33] R 192.33.14.rrr CIT-WAG-NET CIT W.A. Goddard Net [RED22] C*192.33.15.rrr CHORUS-OPERA Chorus Sys Int Net [47,SL68] R*192.33.16.rrr COGNET COGS Rsch Net [47,RS255] R 192.33.17.rrr CALTECH-AMA Applied Math Net [47,DIM2] R 192.33.18.rrr NORTHDAKOTA North Dakota HEC Net [BN33] R*192.33.19.rrr SERI Solar Ener Rsch Net [47,AM92] C*192.33.20.rrr AUX-DEFAULT Default Net for A/UX [47,HK24] C 192.33.21.rrr RISC-ANAHEIM Rockwell Sci Ctr [47,WAG5] C*192.33.22.rrr PORTAL The Portal Sys [47,JL115] R 192.33.23.rrr ROUTETEST0 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.24.rrr ROUTETEST1 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.25.rrr ROUTETEST2 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.26.rrr ROUTETEST3 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.27.rrr ROUTETEST4 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.28.rrr ROUTETEST5 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.29.rrr ROUTETEST6 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.30.rrr ROUTETEST7 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.31.rrr ROUTETEST8 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.32.rrr ROUTETEST9 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] D 192.33.33.rrr NICNET Net Info Ctr Net [47,MKL] 192.33.34.rrr Reserved Reserved [NIC] C*192.33.35.rrr MIZAR Mizar Dig Sys [47,MCL9] R*192.33.36.rrr VUPHYS-AMS VU PHYS LAN [47,FU1] C*192.33.37.rrr-192.33.86.rrr BOEING-LOCALNETS [47,SGR1] R*192.33.87.rrr-192.33.111.rrr ETH Nets [47,MA63] C 192.33.112.rrr TIS-NET TIS Net [47,DID1] C*192.33.113.rrr MYBULL MASSY-BULL-SUPPORT [47,CM116] C*192.33.114.rrr MYDEMO MASSY-BULL-DEMO [47,CM116] R 192.33.115.rrr NRAO-CV NRAO-CV Ether [47,DCW9] R*192.33.116.rrr NRAO-GB NRAO-GB Ether [47,MC147] R*192.33.117.rrr NRAO-VLA NRAO-VLA Ether [47,BP57] R*192.33.118.rrr-192.33.127.rrr PSI Nets [47,BH103] R 192.33.128.rrr BNL-AGS BNL-AGS Apol [SM111] 192.33.129.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] C*192.33.130.rrr SPHINX Sphinx, Maidenhead [47,BM106] C*192.33.131.rrr PHIL-CE Philips CE [47,HB60] C*192.33.132.rrr STEREOLITHO DEC Stereolitho Net [47,EM67] 192.33.133.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] C*192.33.134.rrr ESOSUN SAIC GeoPhy Net [47,PW49] G*192.33.135.rrr AIST-LAN AIST-LAN-TSUKUBA [47,MK79] R*192.33.136.rrr KUBNET KUBNET Camp Net [TN17] R*192.33.137.rrr CT-ETHER CT Ether [26,CS136] R*192.33.138.rrr CT-ATALK CT Appletalk Net [26,CS136] R 192.33.139.rrr CLEMSON-CS CLEMSON-CS [47,CR83] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 46]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R 192.33.140.rrr SAO-NET Smithsonian Astro Ob [47,KG35] R 192.33.141.rrr SAO1-NET Smithsonian Astro Ob [47,KG35] R 192.33.142.rrr SAO2-NET Smithsonian Astro Ob [47,KG35] R*192.33.143.rrr FNET French Unix Users [26,AR41] R 192.33.144.rrr CERISI-NET FNET-CERISI-ESSI-ISI [26,AR41] R 192.33.145.rrr FNET-LIFO French Unix Users [26,AR41] R 192.33.146.rrr FNET-LAAS French Unix Users [26,AR41] R*192.33.147.rrr FNET2 French Unix Users [26,AR41] R 192.33.148.rrr FNET-GRECO French Unix Users [26,AR41] R 192.33.149.rrr CMA-NET FNET-CMA [26,AR41] R*192.33.150.rrr-192.33.152.rrr French Unix Users [26,AR41] R 192.33.153.rrr FNET-ENS-LYON French Unix Users [26,AR41] R*192.33.154.rrr-192.33.155.rrr French Unix Users [26,AR41] R 192.33.156.rrr UNIV-PARIS8 French Unix Users [26,AR41] R*192.33.157.rrr-192.33.158.rrr French Unix Users [26,AR41] R 192.33.159.rrr FNET-CNAM French Unix Users [26,AR41] R*192.33.160.rrr-192.33.166.rrr French Unix Users [26,AR41] R 192.33.167.rrr FNET-CRIN French Unix Users [26,AR41] R 192.33.168.rrr INRIA-LORR French Unix Users [26,AR41] R*192.33.169.rrr FNET7 French Unix Users [26,AR41] R 192.33.170.rrr INRIA-FRANCE French Unix Users [26,AR41] R*192.33.171.rrr-192.33.180.rrr French Unix Users [26,AR41] R 192.33.181.rrr U-PARIS6-7 French Unix Users [26,AR41] R 192.33.182.rrr UNIV-PARIS13 French Unix Users [26,AR41] D 192.33.183.rrr SAPE-MOBILE RADC-SAPE-Mob-NODE [47,CAD13] D 192.33.184.rrr SAPE-PRNODE RADC-SAPE-PR-NET [4,CAD13] G 192.33.185.rrr SAAD-ARPA ISC-SAC-SAAD [DRM24] G 192.33.186.rrr USACEC-NET USACEC DDN-OSI GW [47,DEA] C*192.33.187.rrr INNONET Innovative Lib Net [47,JW181] R*192.33.188.rrr TG-ETHER Teledyne Geotech [47,DC115] C 192.33.189.rrr FX-NET FX Corp Net [47,EJ19] C*192.33.190.rrr TCP-SECURE TCP Secure Net [47,AW65] C*192.33.191.rrr WEST West, Inc Symbolics [BML2] R*192.33.192.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-ME ME Students Apol Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.193.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-MA MA Students Apol Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.194.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-MX MX Students Apol Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.195.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-EL EL Students Apol Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.196.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-GC GC Students Apol Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.197.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-PH PH Students Apol Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.198.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-CH CH Students Apol Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.199.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-DA DA Students Apol Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.200.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-GR GR Students Apol Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.201.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-CC CC Students Apol Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.202.rrr EPFL-APPLE-ME ME Students Mac Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.203.rrr EPFL-APPLE-MA MA Students Mac Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.204.rrr EPFL-APPLE-MX MX Students Mac Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.205.rrr EPFL-APPLE-EL EL Students Mac Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.206.rrr EPFL-APPLE-GC GC Students Mac Sta [47,YD2] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 47]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R*192.33.207.rrr EPFL-APPLE-PH PH Students Mac Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.208.rrr EPFL-APPLE-CH CH Students Mac Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.209.rrr EPFL-APPLE-DA DA Students Mac Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.210.rrr EPFL-APPLE-GR GR Students Mac Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.211.rrr EPFL-APPLE-CC CC Students Mac Sta [47,YD2] R*192.33.212.rrr-192.33.231.rrr Univ of Geneva [17,26,AS116] C*192.33.232.rrr-192.33.239.rrr Dig Analysis Nets [CB19] R*192.33.240.rrr SRHYPER Savannah Riv Plt Net [MJ33] C*192.33.241.rrr-192.33.250.rrr SMI, Atlanta Reg Net [47,KD36] C*192.33.251.rrr ISA-NET ISA Co Net [47,CJB15] R 192.33.252.rrr CLEMSON-CSD Clemson Univ CSD Net [47,CR83] R*192.33.253.rrr CANISIUS-CC Canisius Comp Ctr [47,LD46] C*192.33.254.rrr RMI-NET RMI Net Comm & Ret Sys [RM213] 192.33.255.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] C*192.34.0.rrr-192.34.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [SI8] C*192.35.0.rrr-192.35.19.rrr Nixdorf Net [PD39] C*192.35.20.rrr-192.35.43.rrr GE-Int [47,JEB50] C 192.35.44.rrr GECRD-ISONET GE CRD [47,JEB50] C*192.35.45.rrr MSDCNET MSDC Corp Net [47,PNW] C*192.35.46.rrr GMHGATE GMH Med Sys Gw [47,PNW] C*192.35.47.rrr GMHNET GMH Med Sys Net [47,PNW] R 192.35.48.rrr VIRGINIA-T1 Univ of Virginia [47,JAJ17] R 192.35.49.rrr VIRGINIA-T2 Univ of Virginia [47,JAJ17] C*192.35.50.rrr CLARIS-NET Claris Corp [26,CM130] R*192.35.51.rrr CARLETON Carleton College Net [BA41] C 192.35.52.rrr LACHMAN-NET LACHMAN-NET [SA65] C 192.35.53.rrr LAI-TCP Lachman TCP/IP Dev [SA65] C 192.35.54.rrr LAI-MAC Lachman Mac Net [SA65] C 192.35.55.rrr LAI-ISDN Lachman ISDN Dev [SA65] C 192.35.56.rrr LAI-SLIP Lachman SLIP Dev [SA65] C 192.35.57.rrr LAI-STG Lachman Soft Tech Grp [SA65] R*192.35.58.rrr ENSUN ENSCO Sun Net [SC136] R*192.35.59.rrr AAII Australian AI Inst [DM249] C*192.35.60.rrr ASCENT Ascent Tech [EB33] D 192.35.61.rrr DTIC-NET Def Technical Info Ctr [MS270] D 192.35.62.rrr NOSL-POE NOSL-POE-GW [47,DB211] R*192.35.63.rrr-192.35.72.rrr UniDo Camp Net [47,RV32] C*192.35.73.rrr OPTICOM Opticom CorpInt [CJB1] D 192.35.74.rrr FOTLANHS FOTLANHS-MONMOUTH [26,FJH1] D 192.35.75.rrr FOTLANMS FOTLANMS-MONMOUTH [26,FJH1] D 192.35.76.rrr FOTLANLS FOTLANLS-MONMOUTH [26,FJH1] C*192.35.77.rrr GM-AES-NET GM AES Net [47,DS229] R*192.35.78.rrr IRIS-RING IRIS Headquarters [47,JFS22] R 192.35.79.rrr CCFNET CCF Net [26,47,EM75] D 192.35.80.rrr NUSC-V702M-1 NUSC V702M Local Net [33,SR77] R 192.35.81.rrr UWP-IPNET UW-Parkside IP Net [47,TVF1] R 192.35.82.rrr CORNELL-DMZ Cornell Ext Ether [47,JCH17] C*192.35.83.rrr SDCCARY2 SAS Data Ctr Cary Two [RC113] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 48]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 C*192.35.84.rrr BDM-MCLEAN BDM Corp, McLean [47,JS167] R*192.35.85.rrr MCGILL-TMP01 McGill Kludge Net 1 [MOUSE] R 192.35.86.rrr UMN-MORRIS-NET Univ of Minn Morris [47,MVO1] C*192.35.87.rrr CMPNET Conn Mach Prod Net [GC89] R 192.35.88.rrr ADEL02-NET Adelphi Site LABCOM [47,CM115] R 192.35.89.rrr YCC-SYS-TR YCC Sys Token Ring [HKG2] C*192.35.90.rrr NLCVX-NET CONVEX-DEMO-LAN [SN52] C*192.35.91.rrr CSR-NET CSR Demo Net [47,HKG2] C*192.35.92.rrr UNISYS-HPW-1 Unisys HPW Net 1 [47,MS22] C*192.35.93.rrr UNISYS-HPW-2 Unisys HPW Net 2 [47,MS22] G*192.35.94.rrr RSRE-SLAN RSRE Site LAN [47,BO5] R 192.35.95.rrr HCSC-APPLE CSDD APPLETALK [DB322] R 192.35.96.rrr UOKECNA Univ of Okla, ECN-A [JW136] R 192.35.97.rrr UOKECNB Univ of Okla, ECN-B [JW136] R 192.35.98.rrr UOKECNC Univ of Okla, ECN-C [JW136] D 192.35.99.rrr WSMR-NET3 WSMR-ARMTE-NET [26,RHM11] R*192.35.100.rrr SHI-ETHER Sci Horizons Ether [47,MB168] R 192.35.101.rrr KEYSTONE-NET Keystone-Acres-Net [47,GR11] C*192.35.102.rrr IBINET InfoBuilders Net [KM79] C*192.35.103.rrr SONET Sinclair Optics Net [47,SWW6] R 192.35.104.rrr CIT-OPTICS CIT Optics Net [47,AY10] C*192.35.105.rrr POCI Pocatello Des Grp Net [MA56] R*192.35.106.rrr LMSC-LAMS Lockheed Marine Sys [47,GMT6] R*192.35.107.rrr NOVANET Nova Camp Net [47,JPO4] C*192.35.108.rrr SGI-UK Silicon Graphics UK [RA94] C*192.35.109.rrr-192.35.126.rrr Apol-GW-NET [SJL] G*192.35.127.rrr TRLNET TELECOM-AUST-RES-NET [47,PJT9] G*192.35.128.rrr NESDIS-NET NOAA NESDIS NET [47,MSM1] G*192.35.129.rrr WWB-NET NOAA WORLD WEATHER [47,MSM1] C*192.35.130.rrr WANG-CAD WANG-CAD [WWP8] C*192.35.131.rrr WANG-TEST WANG-TEST [WWP8] D*192.35.132.rrr WANG-TLAN WANG-TLAN [WWP8] R*192.35.133.rrr WANG-WITA WANG-WITA [WWP8] R*192.35.134.rrr LL-DIV7 Lincoln Lab Div 7 [47,BC65] R*192.35.135.rrr LL-DIV9 Lincoln Lab Div 9 [47,BC65] R*192.35.136.rrr LL-GR47-ADT Lincoln Lab Grp 47 [47,BC65] R*192.35.137.rrr LL-GR47-RPV Lincoln Lab Grp 47 [47,BC65] C*192.35.138.rrr SPIDER Spider Sys R&D Net [AD67] R*192.35.139.rrr PAGODA KAIST Pagoda Net [47,JK151] R 192.35.140.rrr WWU-NET WWU Comp Sci Net [26,PAN1] C*192.35.141.rrr QUADRON Quadron Dev Net [47,HP32] D 192.35.142.rrr YKTNPOE-GW YKTNPOE-GW-NWS [47,WRR5] R*192.35.143.rrr UHCL UHCL LAN [47,JCN10] R 192.35.144.rrr DREV-ENET DRE Val Cartier LAN [47,TS31] G*192.35.145.rrr HAWAII-UHCC UHCC Local Net [47,TN11] R*192.35.146.rrr ARCO-CNR Cibernetica Net [47,MF96] D 192.35.147.rrr WVA-1 Watervliet Ars [JEG27] D 192.35.148.rrr CSDA-NET CSDA Net [47,LJC2] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 49]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R*192.35.149.rrr GMD-FOKUS GMD-FOKUS LAN [26,SW111] R*192.35.150.rrr GMD-FIRST GMD-FIRST LAN [26,SW111] R*192.35.151.rrr GMD-FOKUS-A GMD-FOKUS-A Exp LAN [26,SW111] R*192.35.152.rrr GMD-FOKUS-B GMD-FOKUS Gw Net [26,SW111] R*192.35.153.rrr GMD-FIRST-A GMD-FIRST Exp LAN [26,SW111] D 192.35.154.rrr RIA-2-NET RIA-2 Gw [TC72] R*192.35.155.rrr ASNCRAY-NET Alabama Cray Net [26,47,JRS48] C 192.35.156.rrr QUALNET2 QUALCOMM Ether Net-2 [47,VH21] R*192.35.157.rrr NWNET1 Northwestnet NSS1 [26,GK44] R*192.35.158.rrr NWNET2 Northwestnet NSS2 [26,GK44] R 192.35.159.rrr TACTICS-INTA TACTICS TEST NET 1 [47,GMR] R 192.35.160.rrr TACTICS-GRAT TACTICS TEST NET 2 [47,GMR] R 192.35.161.rrr NBB1 NSFNET-BB-SPT-1 [HWB] R 192.35.162.rrr NBB2 NSFNET-BB-SPT-2 [HWB] R 192.35.163.rrr NBB3 NSFNET-BB-SPT-3 [HWB] R 192.35.164.rrr NBB4 NSFNET-BB-SPT-4 [HWB] R 192.35.165.rrr NBB5 NSFNET-BB-SPT-5 [HWB] R 192.35.166.rrr NBB6 NSFNET-BB-SPT-6 [HWB] R 192.35.167.rrr NBB7 NSFNET-BB-SPT-7 [HWB] R 192.35.168.rrr NBB8 NSFNET-BB-SPT-8 [HWB] R 192.35.169.rrr NBB9 NSFNET-BB-SPT-9 [HWB] R 192.35.170.rrr NBB10 NSFNET-BB-SPT-10 [HWB] R 192.35.171.rrr MIDNET-NET2 Midwest Reg Net [DF90] R*192.35.172.rrr BRISPOLY BRISPOLY [26,PE25] R 192.35.173.rrr MCC-CAD4 MCC CAD4 Net [47,CBD] R 192.35.174.rrr MCC-CAD5 MCC CAD5 Net [47,CBD] R 192.35.175.rrr MCC-CAD6 MCC CAD6 Net [47,CBD] R 192.35.176.rrr MCC-CAD7 MCC CAD7 Net [47,CBD] R 192.35.177.rrr MCC-CAD8 MCC CAD8 Net [47,CBD] R 192.35.178.rrr MCC-CAD9 MCC CAD9 Net [47,CBD] R 192.35.179.rrr MCC-CAD10 MCC CAD10 Net [47,CBD] R 192.35.180.rrr NWNET3 Northwestnet NSS3 [26,GK44] R*192.35.181.rrr NWNET4 Northwestnet NSS4 [26,GK44] C*192.35.182.rrr KCCS-ETHER KCCS Net Backbone [47,KC40] R*192.35.183.rrr-192.35.192.rrr VU CS Net [47,HVS1] G*192.35.193.rrr PNL-SNET Pacific NW Lab Net [47,SCT2] C*192.35.194.rrr JAR-NET JAR Ether [47,PJ29] R 192.35.195.rrr ARIZONA-CMI CMI/BPA Token Ring [JMS56] G 192.35.196.rrr NARDAC-NET NARDACNET-DC [SW69] C*192.35.197.rrr ISTCAMNET Imperial Soft Cambridge [47,NT12] C*192.35.198.rrr ISTREDNET Imperial Soft Reading [47,NT12] R*192.35.199.rrr NEWCASTLEUNI Univ of Newcastle [47,DM232] R 192.35.200.rrr NOAO-SUNSPOT NOAO-NSO-SUNSPOT [47,RM320] R 192.35.201.rrr HAWAII-HIG UH HIG Net [47,TN11] R 192.35.202.rrr HAWAII-RIFT UH RIFT Net [47,TN11] R 192.35.203.rrr ECE-ARIZ Ariz ECE CAD Lab [47,CMG9] C*192.35.204.rrr AAEC Atlantic Aero Net [47,TS118] R*192.35.205.rrr EAPSNET EAPS Main Net [47,AB115] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 50]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R*192.35.206.rrr APOLLONET Apol Ring Net [47,AB115] R*192.35.207.rrr CSTCDIE Comp Sci TCD Net [47,MN36] D 192.35.208.rrr LM-HN-MCC LMSC-HOSTNET-MCC [26,SJ55] R*192.35.209.rrr UCOP-K3RDNET UCOP Kaiser 3rd Floor [CL64] R*192.35.210.rrr UCOP-K4THNET UCOP Kaiser 4th Floor [CL64] R*192.35.211.rrr UCOP-K5THNET UCOP Kaiser 5th Floor [CL64] R*192.35.212.rrr UCOP-K6THNET UCOP Kaiser 6th Floor [CL64] R*192.35.213.rrr UCOP-K8THNET UCOP Kaiser 8th Floor [CL64] R*192.35.214.rrr UCOP-PR80NET UCOP Kaiser Pronet [CL64] R*192.35.215.rrr UCDLA-FE1NET UCDLA Front End 1Net [CL64] R*192.35.216.rrr UCDLA-FE2NET UCDLA Front End 2Net [CL64] R*192.35.217.rrr UCDLA-UHNET UCDLA U-Hall Net [CL64] R*192.35.218.rrr UCDLA-IINET UCDLA UCI Imp Net [CL64] R*192.35.219.rrr UCDLA-SDINET UCDLA UCSD Imp Net [CL64] R*192.35.220.rrr UCDLA-SCINET UCDLA UCSC Imp Net [CL64] R*192.35.221.rrr UCDLA-SFINET UCDLA UCSF Imp Net [CL64] R*192.35.222.rrr UCDLA-SBINET UCDLA UCSB Imp Net [CL64] R*192.35.223.rrr UCDLA-RINET UCDLA UCR Imp Net [CL64] R*192.35.224.rrr UCDLA-SINET UCDLA SAC Imp Net [CL64] R*192.35.225.rrr UCDLA-LAINET UCDLA UCLA Imp Net [CL64] R*192.35.226.rrr UCDLA-DINET UCDLA UCD Imp Net [CL64] R*192.35.227.rrr UCDLA-BINET UCDLA UCB Imp Net [CL64] R*192.35.228.rrr UCDLA-NLFNET UCDLA NRLF Net [CL64] R*192.35.229.rrr RWTH-INFO RWTH Informatik [47,GB133] 192.35.230.rrr-192.35.255.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.36.0.rrr-192.36.124.rrr Swedish Net [BE10] R 192.36.125.rrr SUNET-BACKBONE Swedish Net [AH94] R*192.36.126.rrr-192.36.142.rrr Swedish Net [BE10] R 192.36.143.rrr STOCKHOLM-BACKBONE Swedish Net [AH94] R*192.36.144.rrr-192.36.147.rrr Swedish Net [BE10] R 192.36.148.rrr NORDUNET-BACKBONE Swedish Net [AH94] R*192.36.149.rrr-192.36.255.rrr Swedish Net [BE10] C*192.37.0.rrr-192.37.255.rrr CIBA-GEIGY AG [17,HN3] R*192.38.0.rrr-192.38.255.rrr Danish Net [JPS21] C*192.39.0.rrr-192.39.255.rrr Unisys WW Net [47,CC129] C*192.40.0.rrr-192.40.49.rrr Hewlett-Packard [18,26,DCL10] R 192.40.50.rrr MBARI-NET MBARI Net [HW56] C*192.40.51.rrr-192.40.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [18,26,DCL10] C*192.41.0.rrr-192.41.101.rrr ICON Intl Ether [47,RH227] R*192.41.102.rrr-192.41.131.rrr Edinburgh Univ [26,WSC5] R*192.41.132.rrr-192.41.136.rrr Univ of Zurich [47,GP88] C*192.41.137.rrr VERDIX-NET Verdix Corp Net [47,LD4] 192.41.138.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R*192.41.139.rrr BBN-SYSENGRC BBN-SYSENG-TESTLABC [DW159] R 192.41.140.rrr STC-LAN STC Ether LAN [47,JFW] R*192.41.141.rrr-192.41.145.rrr Univ of St. Gallen [47,PG62] R*192.41.146.rrr CSISRING CSIS Token Ring Net [26,SM164] R*192.41.147.rrr FBIHH FBIHH Ether [47,RDM25] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 51]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 G*192.41.148.rrr CITY-CALGARY City of Calgary Net [26,AK62] R*192.41.149.rrr-192.41.160.rrr Univ of Berne [47,FB61] C*192.41.161.rrr ACS-DC-NET Amer Chem Society DC [TR62] 192.41.162.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] C*192.41.163.rrr GURUNET Guru Resources Net [47,KDZ] C*192.41.164.rrr-192.41.169.rrr Unisys ISF Nets [47,MS22] R*192.41.170.rrr AIT-CS-NET Asian Inst of Tech [47,TK60] R 192.41.171.rrr JVNCNET-TEST JVNCNET Test Net [SH37] C*192.41.172.rrr CSPI CSPI [47,GLC18] R 192.41.173.rrr PENNLNK PENNLNK [47,TES16] R 192.41.174.rrr AMBLER AMBLER [47,TES16] R 192.41.175.rrr TYLER TYLER [47,TES16] R 192.41.176.rrr TEMPLE-RC TEMPLE-RC [47,TES16] R 192.41.177.rrr SURA-NOC SURANET-OPERATIONS [47,MO48] R*192.41.178.rrr-192.41.197.rrr Univ of Tokyo Net [47,JM292] C*192.41.198.rrr TYMNET-TTE TYMNET Training Net [JM451] C*192.41.199.rrr CONTEX Contex Graphics Net [47,SL97] R 192.41.200.rrr NIEHS NIEHS [47,SM157] C*192.41.201.rrr HSA-SLNET Holt Soft Net [SP69] D 192.41.202.rrr LBNS-POE LBNS-POE-GW [47,DC145] C*192.41.203.rrr SOFTWAY-NET Softway Pty Ltd Net [47,CM153] G 192.41.204.rrr EROS-NET USGS EROS Data Ctr [47,MSM1] C*192.41.205.rrr VERDIX-HQ Verdix Headquarters [47,CG24] R*192.41.206.rrr UI-NETLAB Indonesia UI-NETLAB [AT62] D 192.41.207.rrr NESEA-NET Naval Activity Net [26,DT59] R 192.41.208.rrr CIT-SSDP Caltech SSDP Net [47,TM19] D*192.41.209.rrr GSD-APOLONET MACOM CAD Apol Net [MDP16] C*192.41.210.rrr RTS-IOM RTS IOM Net [47,DB263] R 192.41.211.rrr APO-GALILEO APO-Sunspot-Galileo [47,JRF12] C*192.41.212.rrr ARINC-LAN-1 ARINC-LAN-Gw-1 [26,BM168] G 192.41.213.rrr GEODEN GEONET-DENVER [THL3] C*192.41.214.rrr INTERCON-NET InterCon Corp Net [47,AW90] C*192.41.215.rrr ZARDOZ CPD, Inc [NJG6] R*192.41.216.rrr KUBNET-A KUBNET Camp Net [47,TN17] C*192.41.217.rrr DSS Datability Soft Sys [26,RLP39] R*192.41.218.rrr UDSAB Univ of Salerno Net [47,AN31] R*192.41.219.rrr JVNC-ETA10 Int JVNC-ETA [47,SH37] G*192.41.220.rrr VERNET NCSC Verification Net [JR38] G*192.41.221.rrr VERNET-GW NCSC Verification Gw [JR38] C*192.41.222.rrr QUICK-NET Quicksilver Ether [47,SG58] R*192.41.223.rrr ENSCO-FL ENSCO-FLORIDA-SUNS [47,EB95] C*192.41.224.rrr BWPCC Power Comp [DRM31] G 192.41.225.rrr AMES-FEI-NET NASA Front End Inter [47,MSM1] C*192.41.226.rrr ACAD Autodesk Inc Corp Net [47,JC345] R*192.41.227.rrr ISE-NET FHG-ISE-NET [26,PJ35] C 192.41.228.rrr TGV-NET TGV Dev Net [KAA] R 192.41.229.rrr NBB11 NSFNET-BB-TD-11 [HWB] R 192.41.230.rrr NBB12 NSFNET-BB-TD-12 [HWB] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 52]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R 192.41.231.rrr NBB13 NSFNET-BB-TD-13 [HWB] R 192.41.232.rrr NBB14 NSFNET-BB-TD-14 [HWB] R 192.41.233.rrr NBB15 NSFNET-BB-TD-15 [HWB] R 192.41.234.rrr NBB16 NSFNET-BB-TD-16 [HWB] R 192.41.235.rrr NBB17 NSFNET-BB-TD-17 [HWB] R 192.41.236.rrr NBB18 NSFNET-BB-TD-18 [HWB] R 192.41.237.rrr NBB19 NSFNET-BB-TD-19 [HWB] R 192.41.238.rrr NBB20 NSFNET-BB-TD-20 [HWB] R*192.41.239.rrr USW-MPLS-DWT USWEST-MPLS-DWTN [47,BRB8] R*192.41.240.rrr USW-MPLS-BEE USWEST-MPLS-BEECH [47,BRB8] R*192.41.241.rrr USW-MPLS-MAPLE USWEST-MPLS-MAPLE [47,BRB8] R*192.41.242.rrr USW-MPLS-MNM USWEST-MPLS-MANOMAS [47,BRB8] R*192.41.243.rrr USW-MPLS-BAK USWEST-MPLS-BACKBONE [47,BRB8] R*192.41.244.rrr WRIGHT-CAIA Wright State Univ [47,MS272] R 192.41.245.rrr IIT-NET Ill Inst of Tech [47,MD119] D 192.41.246.rrr ASIFICS ASIFICS-GW [47,SC139] C*192.41.247.rrr CHIPCOM Chipcom Corp Net [SE49] D 192.41.248.rrr SM-HN-MCC SMALCC-HOSTNET-MCC [26,SJ55] D 192.41.249.rrr WR-HN-MCC WRALC-HOSTNET-MCC [26,SJ55] D*192.41.250.rrr-192.41.255.rrr DTSA Net [26,BB116] 192.42.0.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] C*192.42.1.rrr DATUS DATUS-ENET [26,KFS2] R 192.42.2.rrr CSCSAV-NET CSC Sports Arena Net [DH76] R 192.42.3.rrr CLEMSON-ENG Clemson Univ Eng Net [47,WGS4] G 192.42.4.rrr MSCDPA MS Cen DP Auth [47,MB204] R 192.42.5.rrr MACPHYS McMaster Phy [47,CB162] R 192.42.6.rrr MACENG McMaster Eng [47,CB162] R 192.42.7.rrr MONTANACOE MT College Eng [JM468] C 192.42.8.rrr TELEOS-NET Teleos Rsch Net [47,NW25] R* BOENSG Nets [33,GK44] D 192.42.41.rrr PUGET-POE-NET PUGET-POE-GW [47,GC104] R*192.42.42.rrr-192.42.47.rrr Uni Neuchatel [47,CW115] R 192.42.48.rrr CHPCSUNS CHPC Suns [47,WLJ7] R 192.42.49.rrr CHPCAPOLLOS CHPC Apols [47,WLJ7] R 192.42.50.rrr CHPCXMPFEI CHPC XMP VMEbus Sun [47,WLJ7] R 192.42.51.rrr CHPCXMPOPR CHPC XMP Operator [47,WLJ7] C*192.42.52.rrr ANZNET-AI ANZ Bank IPNET-AI [47,WM96] C*192.42.53.rrr SUNNET-AI Sun Alliance IPNET-AI [47,PE21] C*192.42.54.rrr CBCNET-AI Can Imp Bank IPNET-AI [47,BA51] R*192.42.55.rrr SBEENET SUNY SB EE Net [47,JM414] R 192.42.56.rrr RAND-NET4 RAND-NET4 [47,JDG] R 192.42.57.rrr RAND-NET5 RAND-NET5 [47,JDG] R 192.42.58.rrr RAND-NET6 RAND-NET6 [47,JDG] R 192.42.59.rrr RAND-NET7 RAND-NET7 [47,JDG] R*192.42.60.rrr DMS-MELB CSIRO-DMS-Melbourne [47,MA88] R*192.42.61.rrr DMS-CANB CSIRO-DMS-Canberra [47,MA88] R*192.42.62.rrr DMS-PERTH CSIRO-DMS-Perth [47,MA88] 192.42.63.rrr-192.42.64.rrr Reserved [NIC] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 53]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 C*192.42.65.rrr CINET CINET Int Net [JV69] G*192.42.66.rrr WWB-APOLLO-NET WWB Apol Net [47,MSM1] C*192.42.67.rrr SOL-ETHER Solbourne Ether [47,NM37] R 192.42.68.rrr DREOEWD-ENET DREO Elec Warfare LAN [47,TS31] R*192.42.69.rrr ETHER1 Academic Ether [47,JV70] G 192.42.70.rrr GISS-NET GISS Net [47,MSM1] R*192.42.71.rrr-192.42.74.rrr Univ of Nevada North [47,PG30] G 192.42.75.rrr LARC-SNS LARCNET [SDD8] G 192.42.76.rrr LARCNET2 LARCNET [SDD8] G 192.42.77.rrr LARCNET3 LARCNET [SDD8] G 192.42.78.rrr LARCNET4 LARCNET [SDD8] G 192.42.79.rrr LARCNET5 LARCNET [SDD8] D 192.42.80.rrr SA-HN-MCC SAALC-HOSTNET-MCC [26,SJ55] D 192.42.81.rrr OC-HN-MCC OCALC-HOSTNET-MCC [26,SJ55] R 192.42.82.rrr SCRIPPSNET Scripps Clinic Net [47,SRC16] R*192.42.83.rrr IIT-2 IIT Local Net [47,PJF7] C*192.42.84.rrr NTTDATA-NET1 NTT DATA Rsch Net 1 [47,HE12] C*192.42.85.rrr NTTDATA-NET2 NTT DATA Rsch Net 2 [47,HE12] C*192.42.86.rrr NTTDATA-NET3 NTT DATA Rsch Net 3 [47,HE12] R*192.42.87.rrr KING-POLY Kingston Polytech [33,49,SB167] D 192.42.88.rrr SHAFTER-NET Fort Shafter Net [47,DM35] R*192.42.89.rrr WELLESLEY Wellesley College [SS208] C*192.42.90.rrr QUANTIC Quantic Laboratories [47,JV74] R*192.42.91.rrr FB04 FB04 Net [AJ29] G*192.42.92.rrr ACLD-NET Alachua Co Library [47,BS168] 192.42.93.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] C*192.42.94.rrr LILLYNET-TEMP Eli Lilly Ether [47,FDC2] C*192.42.95.rrr PSC Process Soft Corp [47,BV15] R*192.42.96.rrr SWIVAX Univ of Amsterdam/SWI [47,HK35] R 192.42.97.rrr SOFTWARE Soft Prod Consort [JLR43] C*192.42.98.rrr IEX-NET IEX Corp Net [47,RB548] R*192.42.99.rrr RHODENT Rhodes Univ Net [26,FJG4] R*192.42.100.rrr KEELE-CS Univ of Keele Comp Sci [JK186] R*192.42.101.rrr UMSMEDCTR UMSMEDCTR PROPHETNET [15,GAG17] R*192.42.102.rrr GRENET CICGNET Net [JA146] R*192.42.103.rrr-192.42.107.rrr Tohoku Univ Net [47,YK3] R 192.42.108.rrr UMC-NET UMC Cosmic Ray Exp [47,AC98] R 192.42.109.rrr INCSYS2 Incremental Sys II [JS281] R 192.42.110.rrr SU-ASSOC-NET SU Assoc Net [47,VAF] C*192.42.111.rrr ELAN Elan Comp Grp [47,JL239] 192.42.112.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R*192.42.113.rrr-192.42.132.rrr Amsterdam Rsch Net [WVDS] R*192.42.133.rrr ANL-MAN1 ANL-MANGW1 [47,BRB8] R*192.42.134.rrr ANL-MAN2 ANL-MANGW2 [47,BRB8] R*192.42.135.rrr ANL-MNM USWEST-ANL-MANOMOS [47,BRB8] R*192.42.136.rrr ANL-BAC USWEST-ANL-BACKBONE [37,47,BRB8] C*192.42.137.rrr FIBERCOM FiberCom FDDI Rsch Net [47,DM273] C*192.42.138.rrr ANSWER-COMP Answer-Comp-SV [47,RLG36] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 54]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 C*192.42.139.rrr SCEARDNET Sceard Sys Net [47,MRC13] C*192.42.140.rrr ANDERSEN Arthur Andersen and Co [BL92] R*192.42.141.rrr AFALNET Astronautics Lab Net [47,HCV1] R 192.42.142.rrr ICASE-NET ICASE Net [47,DP119] R*192.42.143.rrr WSI Comp Sci Tuebingen [SS218] R 192.42.144.rrr UW-ADPNET UW-ADMIN-NET [47,KL40] R 192.42.145.rrr UW-ACSNET UW-ACS-DVLPMT [47,KL40] C*192.42.146.rrr VERSATEC Versatec Ether [47,TT60] R*192.42.147.rrr TRLNET2 TRL Multigate Net [PJT9] R*192.42.148.rrr MONSAN-RCC1 Monsanto CV [26,JRJ16] R*192.42.149.rrr MONSAN-RCC2 Monsanto CC [26,JRJ16] R*192.42.150.rrr MONSAN-RCC3 Monsanto Skokie [26,JRJ16] G*192.42.151.rrr IPSRADSPACE IPS Radio & Space [29,CB180] R 192.42.152.rrr UMN-CC-NET UMN Coor Camp Net [RG12] R 192.42.153.rrr MALONE Malone College [47,JN91] C*192.42.154.rrr NUCLEUS-INTL Nucleus-Intl-Net [47,PAG12] R 192.42.155.rrr RSRE-BBN-SAT RSRE to BBN Trunk [MB] R 192.42.156.rrr ESD-H3 ESD-Hyper [47,NAK2] R*192.42.157.rrr NET-SOLUTION Rational Solutions [MAV4] C*192.42.158.rrr TRVNET-AI Traveler IPNET-AI [47,NW30] C*192.42.159.rrr NMRI New Methods Rsch Inc [47,JB399] R*192.42.160.rrr-192.42.171.rrr Auspex Sys R&D Net [47,BE35] C*192.42.172.rrr NEXT-DEFAULT NeXT Default Net [26,PFK] 192.42.173.rrr-192.42.177.rrr Reserved [NIC] R 192.42.178.rrr MICRO-NET Micro Sys Grp Net [47,JAC61] D 192.42.179.rrr WSMR-NET2 WSMR-NET2 [26,RC29] R*192.42.180.rrr-192.42.201.rrr Univ of Lausanne [47,JL247] C*192.42.202.rrr TCR-CAL TCR Calgary [47,GR67] C*192.42.203.rrr TCR-CAL-BG TCR Calgary [47,GR67] C*192.42.204.rrr TCR-BG TCR Calgary [47,GR67] C*192.42.205.rrr TCR-CAL TCR Calgary [47,GR67] C*192.42.206.rrr TCR-EDM TCR Calgary [47,GR67] D*192.42.207.rrr BMA-1 BMA-Apol-1 Net [GK44] D*192.42.208.rrr BMA-2 BMA-Apol-2 Net [GK44] D*192.42.209.rrr BMA-3 BMA-Apol-3 Net [GK44] D*192.42.210.rrr BMA-4 BMA-Apol-4 Net [GK44] D*192.42.211.rrr BMA-5 BMA-Apol-5 Net [GK44] D*192.42.212.rrr BMA-6 BMA-Apol-6 Net [GK44] D*192.42.213.rrr BMA-7 BMA-Apol-7 Net [GK44] D*192.42.214.rrr BMA-8 BMA-Apol-8 Net [GK44] D*192.42.215.rrr BMA-9 BMA-Apol-9 Net [GK44] D*192.42.216.rrr BMA-10 BMA-Apol-10 Net [GK44] D*192.42.217.rrr BMA-11 BMA-Apol-11 Net [GK44] D*192.42.218.rrr BMA-12 BMA-Apol-12 Net [GK44] D*192.42.219.rrr BMA-13 BMA-Apol-13 Net [GK44] D*192.42.220.rrr BMA-14 BMA-Apol-14 Net [GK44] D*192.42.221.rrr BMA-15 BMA-Apol-15 Net [GK44] D*192.42.222.rrr BMA-16 BMA-Apol-16 Net [GK44] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 55]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 D*192.42.223.rrr BMA-17 BMA-Apol-17 Net [GK44] D*192.42.224.rrr BMA-18 BMA-Apol-18 Net [GK44] D*192.42.225.rrr BMA-19 BMA-Apol-19 Net [GK44] D*192.42.226.rrr BMA-20 BMA-Apol-20 Net [GK44] D*192.42.227.rrr BMA-21 BMA-Apol-21 Net [GK44] D*192.42.228.rrr BMA-22 BMA-Apol-22 Net [GK44] D*192.42.229.rrr BMA-23 BMA-Apol-23 Net [GK44] D*192.42.230.rrr BMA-24 BMA-Apol-24 Net [GK44] D*192.42.231.rrr BMA-25 BMA-Apol-25 Net [GK44] D*192.42.232.rrr BMA-26 BMA-Apol-26 Net [GK44] D*192.42.233.rrr BMA-27 BMA-Apol-27 Net [GK44] D*192.42.234.rrr BMA-28 BMA-Apol-28 Net [GK44] D*192.42.235.rrr BMA-29 BMA-Apol-29 Net [GK44] D*192.42.236.rrr BMA-30 BMA-Apol-30 Net [GK44] R*192.42.237.rrr CSCE-NET CSCE Net [47,MH198] C*192.42.238.rrr ITI-NET ITI Drive Des Net [47,EU4] R 192.42.239.rrr FIT Florida Inst of Tech [MG167] R*192.42.240.rrr ORACODEV ORA DOCEV Net [FH53] C 192.42.241.rrr TRZDOR Olivetti Eng Net [47,SP86] C*192.42.242.rrr OBJY Objectivity Net [WC86] C*192.42.243.rrr DEV-RING SAS Data Ctr - Cary [RB520] D 192.42.244.rrr OBL-LINK-LAN Oberursel LINK LAN [26,MCB5] D 192.42.245.rrr CPO-LINK-LAN Capodochino LINK LAN [26,MCB5] D 192.42.246.rrr LON-LINK-LAN London LINK LAN [26,MCB5] D 192.42.247.rrr RDM-LINK-LAN Rotterdam LINK LAN [26,MCB5] 192.42.248.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] C 192.42.249.rrr APPLE Apple Comp Corp [47,EF16] C*192.42.250.rrr IMCLONE ImClone Sys CAMA Net [47,PG76] R 192.42.251.rrr LIGONET Caltech LIGO Proj [47,GH125] C*192.42.252.rrr NETWORK-GENL Net Gen Net [47,VL24] C*192.42.253.rrr ITT-SEMICON SUN Valid Vax [47,BS196] C*192.42.254.rrr MEGASYS Megasys Int Net [47,GMP19] 192.42.255.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] 192.43.0.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] C*192.43.1.rrr-192.43.150.rrr Deere and Co [26,DF130] C*192.43.151.rrr NET-ARDA Middle Earth Net [SS226] R 192.43.152.rrr RADC-LAN RADC NYSERNET LAN [47,CPK3] R*192.43.153.rrr-192.43.160.rrr NCD Corp Net [26,47,DM280] C*192.43.161.rrr CYLINK Cylink Engr Net [16,CS219] C*192.43.162.rrr-192.43.171.rrr Swedish Telecom Nets [26,AH96] R 192.43.172.rrr PHOTO-NET CIT-OPTICS-PHOTO-NET [47,JAC61] G*192.43.173.rrr FIRNLAN Fla Dept of Ed [JL256] R*192.43.174.rrr SONY-CSL Sony-CSL Net [47,FT30] C*192.43.175.rrr-192.43.184.rrr Lucid Int Net [KDO] C*192.43.185.rrr BBYMELB BBY, Melbourne [GB157] C*192.43.186.rrr BBYSYD BBY, Sydney [GB157] 192.43.187.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.43.188.rrr SDIO-LAN SDIO Local Area Net [47,KDZ] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 56]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R*192.43.189.rrr SONY-WS-NET Sony-WS Net [26,47,HI7] R 192.43.190.rrr BETHEL Bethel of Minn [29,GW107] C*192.43.191.rrr CAST-CREW Cast & Crew Inc Net [38,47,CRJ5] R*192.43.192.rrr-192.43.196.rrr Univ of Basle [47,FE12] D 192.43.197.rrr GUNTER-LAN-2 TRW-ULANA-TEST-GUNTR [TMD6] C*192.43.198.rrr CXNET Comperex Info Net [BA59] R 192.43.199.rrr ETSU ETSU Camp Net [47,DS303] R*192.43.200.rrr LVPD Lanier Voice Prod [ER75] C*192.43.201.rrr NELM-NET NELL Mitaka Net [47,HO13] C*192.43.202.rrr NELA-NET NELL Atsugi Net [47,HO13] R 192.43.203.rrr NRAO-CCC VLBA-Correlator-LAN [47,DCW9] R 192.43.204.rrr NRAO-AOC Array-Ops-Ctr-LAN [47,BP57] R*192.43.205.rrr URBANA-NET Urbana Net [47,PEK] 192.43.206.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R*192.43.207.rrr UNIMELB-CS-A MU CS Tech Services [26,47,RE18] R*192.43.208.rrr UNIMELB-CS-B MU CS 1st Floor [26,47,RE18] R*192.43.209.rrr UNIMELB-CS-C MU CS/Mathematics [26,47,RE18] C*192.43.210.rrr WESTGRP-HOL West Grp Holland [WH108] C*192.43.211.rrr SAGPD SCI ATL - GPD [47,BA60] R*192.43.212.rrr IZF-TNO IZF-TNO LAN [47,TV29] C*192.43.213.rrr KELCO Kelco Div of Merck [EMH12] R*192.43.214.rrr KEY Key Comp Lab [PJS22] D 192.43.215.rrr MONMOUTH-2 Ft. Monmouth Net-2 [47,DML7] R 192.43.216.rrr LHASA LHASA Rsch Net [47,GIL] G 192.43.217.rrr NOAASEL-NET Space Environ Net [2,JW301] C*192.43.218.rrr DATX Data Trans Inc Net [EK55] C*192.43.219.rrr EMPRESS Empress S/W Toronto [PH106] C*192.43.220.rrr SEDNET SE-DEMO-NET [TPS5] C*192.43.221.rrr ACUSTAR-HEDC Acustar CAD Net [JR262] C*192.43.222.rrr STEPSTONE Stepstone LAN [47,AAD6] G*192.43.223.rrr HCG Hennepin County Govt [47,MK132] R*192.43.224.rrr CCKU-NET CCKU-NET [47,MK133] G*192.43.225.rrr GSD-DECTCPIP DECNet TCP/IP Net [MDP16] R*192.43.226.rrr-192.43.233.rrr Univ of Adelaide Nets [SH47,149] C*192.43.234.rrr LUCNET Lucas Cirencester Net [47,EB110] C*192.43.235.rrr HSI Health Sys Intl [47,WRS28] C*192.43.236.rrr MEGATEK Megatek Corp Net [47,RR193] C*192.43.237.rrr PCC-TCP Power Comp TCP [5,FO17] R*192.43.238.rrr FDU FDU Tri Camp Net [JF174] R*192.43.239.rrr RSES-TRING RSES Token Ring Net [26,HM68] R 192.43.240.rrr GSFC2 NASA/GSFC [TC112] C*192.43.241.rrr MEDIANETTE Media Cybernetics [47,RMF17] R*192.43.242.rrr UNF-CIS UNF CIS Int [47,TFB3] R 192.43.243.rrr HUNKNET Hunkworks Net [47,TH111] R 192.43.244.rrr NCAR-NSS NCAR NSFNET Stub Net [DM84] G 192.43.245.rrr MITRE-CG-NET MITRE-CAPITAL-GAL [47,MSM1] G*192.43.246.rrr MET-AUST Meteorology Australia [26,BT65] R*192.43.247.rrr GTRI-AIB GA Tech - AIB [SPR1] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 57]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 C*192.43.248.rrr DNH Democratic Natl Hdqs [47,SB185] R 192.43.249.rrr JAXLAB Jackson Lab Net [47,LJ58] C 192.43.250.rrr TELEMATICS Telematics Devnet [47,TG67] C*192.43.251.rrr APLDBIO The ABI Net [47,MR152] R 192.43.252.rrr CHUB-NET Chicago Area NCSANet [47,EZ3] D 192.43.253.rrr AFMPC-NET Personnel Ctr Net [26,MTF1] R 192.43.254.rrr RADFORDU Radford Univ [JS255] 192.43.255.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R*192.44.0.rrr-192.44.40.rrr Fraunhofer Nets [HF30] R*192.44.41.rrr-192.44.80.rrr French Unix Users [26,AR41] R*192.44.81.rrr-192.44.90.rrr Uni Erlangen Net [47,JK198] C*192.44.91.rrr-192.44.215.rrr Procter and Gamble Nets [ACL2] R 192.44.216.rrr VV-NET1 Voice-Video-Net1 [PP77] R 192.44.217.rrr VV-NET2 Voice-Video-Net2 [PP77] R 192.44.218.rrr VV-NET3 Voice-Video-Net3 [PP77] R 192.44.219.rrr VV-NET4 Voice-Video-Net4 [PP77] R 192.44.220.rrr VV-NET5 Voice-Video-Net5 [PP77] R 192.44.221.rrr VV-NET6 Voice-Video-Net6 [PP77] R 192.44.222.rrr VV-NET7 Voice-Video-Net7 [PP77] R 192.44.223.rrr VV-NET8 Voice-Video-Net8 [PP77] R 192.44.224.rrr VV-NET9 Voice-Video-Net9 [PP77] R 192.44.225.rrr VV-NET10 Voice-Video-Net10 [PP77] R 192.44.226.rrr VV-NET11 Voice-Video-Net11 [PP77] R 192.44.227.rrr VV-NET12 Voice-Video-Net12 [PP77] R 192.44.228.rrr VV-NET13 Voice-Video-Net13 [PP77] R 192.44.229.rrr VV-NET14 Voice-Video-Net14 [PP77] R 192.44.230.rrr VV-NET15 Voice-Video-Net15 [PP77] R 192.44.231.rrr VV-NET16 Voice-Video-Net16 [PP77] R 192.44.232.rrr VV-NET17 Voice-Video-Net17 [PP77] R 192.44.233.rrr VV-NET18 Voice-Video-Net18 [PP77] R 192.44.234.rrr VV-NET19 Voice-Video-Net19 [PP77] R 192.44.235.rrr VV-NET20 Voice-Video-Net20 [PP77] R 192.44.236.rrr VV-NET21 Voice-Video-Net21 [PP77] R 192.44.237.rrr VV-NET22 Voice-Video-Net22 [PP77] R 192.44.238.rrr VV-NET23 Voice-Video-Net23 [PP77] R 192.44.239.rrr VV-NET24 Voice-Video-Net24 [PP77] C*192.44.240.rrr-192.44.251.rrr Stockholm Health Care [26,AL16] C*192.44.252.rrr ACC-LIMULUS ACCBANNET [47,JFR24] D 192.44.253.rrr NTSC-IELN Naval Training Sys [26,DW198] R 192.44.254.rrr JVNC-SATNET JVNC Sat Net [47,RA17] 192.44.255.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] C*192.45.0.rrr-192.45.255.rrr TRW Backbone Nets [MM313] C*192.46.0.rrr-192.46.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [18,26,SI8] R*192.47.0.rrr-192.47.241.rrr Kyushu Tech Net [47,HN21] R 192.47.242.rrr IE-INFERNO IE-TEST-INFERNO [AM29] R 192.47.243.rrr SRI-GEC-NET SRI GeoSci Net [47,TJF13] R*192.47.244.rrr-192.47.249.rrr Uni of Fribourg [26,47,MB262] C*192.47.250.rr APOLLO-MSP1 Apollo MSP Net 1 [TRG4] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 58]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 C*192.47.251.rrr APOLLO-MSP2 Apollo MSP Net 2 [39,TRG4] C*192.47.252.rrr APOLLO-MSP3 Apollo MSP Net 3 [39,TRG4] C*192.44.253.rrr ENVOS Envos Corporation [JMT18] R*192.47.254.rrr ROBOTX-VWNET VxWorks VME-Bus Net [DR183] 192.47.255.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] D*192.48.0.rrr-192.48.30.rrr BOEING-BC-APRING Nets [GK44] C*192.48.31.rrr TN-TRNET TELENORMA TRNet [26,AM139] C*192.48.32.rrr NORAND Norand Corp [47,LLZ1] R*192.48.33.rrr HAC-GATE-NET Hughes Air [PH45] R*192.48.34.rrr SMII SEAMARC-II [15,KS121] C*192.48.35.rrr-192.48.36.rrr Gen Dynamcis Nets [SJL] C*192.48.37.rrr SIMTEK Simtek Eng Net [47,KM2] C*192.48.38.rrr-192.48.77.rrr Gen Dynamcis Nets [SJL] R 192.48.78.rrr TSB-NET Terrestrial Sys Net [47,TG68] R*192.48.79.rrr NCR-RND NCR R&D Div [47,EH82] R 192.48.80.rrr SRI-WDC WDC Net [47,RS401] R*192.48.81.rrr LOGICON-LAN Logicon OSD Ether LAN [47,JDM9] R 192.48.82.rrr BCNET1 British Columbia Net [DO26] R 192.48.83.rrr BCNET2 British Columbia Net [DO26] R 192.48.84.rrr BCNET3 British Columbia Net [DO26] R 192.48.85.rrr BCNET4 British Columbia Net [DO26] R 192.48.86.rrr BCNET5 British Columbia Net [DO26] R 192.48.87.rrr BCNET6 British Columbia Net [DO26] R 192.48.88.rrr BCNET7 British Columbia Net [DO26] R 192.48.89.rrr BCNET8 British Columbia Net [DO26] R 192.48.90.rrr BCNET9 British Columbia Net [DO26] R 192.48.91.rrr BCNET10 British Columbia Net [DO26] C*192.48.92.rrr ACSI ACSI Net Dev [47,RH278] C*192.48.93.rrr VISTA VMG Net [47,DCN19] R*192.48.94.rrr MHT-FXEXPERT MHT-FX-EXPERT-Sys [CL115] R*192.48.95.rrr LAFAYETT Lafayette College [PK69] R 192.48.96.rrr UUNET-ETHER UUNET-ETHER [47,RA11] C*192.48.97.rrr GLHNET GLH Net [JL268] R*192.48.98.rrr POLYCI Polytechniqueci Net [47,GG68] C*192.48.99.rrr ONM-NET Ogilvy & Mather Net [DSN4] R 192.48.100.rrr AAAI AAAI Net [47,RS406] R*192.48.101.rrr CALCOMP CALCOMP-PLOTTER [TAP15] R*192.48.102.rrr AMHERST Amherst College [47,JWM53] 192.48.103.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] C*192.48.104.rrr FRONTIER FRNTR PHX/CA SUNOEM [47,KJ36] R 192.48.105.rrr NMSU-ISI-NUL NMSU ISI Trunk Line [MSP1] C*192.48.106.rrr FINTRONIC Fintronic, Inc [47,JW310] R*192.48.107.rrr REGENT Technical Univ-Munich [47,WT39] C*192.48.108.rrr LASC-GANET Lockheed-Georgia Net [47,BW4] R*192.48.109.rrr BOND-3090 Bond 3090 Net [EB112] R*192.48.110.rrr BOND-USLINK Bond US Link [EB112] R 192.48.111.rrr SPARTA-NET Sparta Rsch Net [47,CFM1] R*192.48.112.rrr MANHATNET Manhattan College [47,JPH17] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 59]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 C*192.48.113.rrr MURPHNET Murphy & Durieu LAN [47,JPH17] R*192.48.114.rrr IE-PURGATORIO IE-TEST-PURGATORIO [AM29] R*192.48.115.rrr IE-PARADISO IE-TEST-PARADISO [AM29] R 192.48.116.rrr IE-COMMUNE IE-TEST-COMMUNITY [AM29] R*192.48.117.rrr NSCF-NET Nat Sci Ctr Net [47,LF61] C*192.48.118.rrr-192.48.122.rrr Intersil Ether [KEW8] C*192.48.123.rrr SONY-STEO SONY Eng Net [TM166] G*192.48.124.rrr USGS-BGRA USGSGOLDEN-GEOL-RISK [47,RBP11] G 192.48.125.rrr SERI-2 Solar Ener Rsch Net [47,AM92] R*192.48.126.rrr DRURYUNIX Hypermedia Lab Net [47,CE52] C*192.48.127.rrr-192.48.129.rrr Hitachi Rsch Netss [SK102] C*192.48.130.rrr-192.48.132.rrr Burr-Brown Nets [26,47,JMM50] C*192.48.133.rrr ANALOG Analog DevNet [47,RP191] R 192.48.134.rrr ARLUTANET0 ARLUT Host Net [8,47,VM49] R 192.48.135.rrr ARLUTANET1 ARLUT Telnet Net [8,47,VM49] R*192.48.136.rrr BHP-MRL BHP-MRL Net [47,IH15] C*192.48.137.rrr CORDIS Cordis Corp [47,GLS39] R*192.48.138.rrr RIKEN-NET Japan Riken Net [47,TS158] C 192.48.139.rrr SQUIBB-NET Squibb Rsch Net [47,REB50] D 192.48.140.rrr MONMOUTH-3 Ft. Monmouth Net-3 [47,DML7] G*192.48.141.rrr ESMNET ESM Dev Net [46,RC241] R*192.48.142.rrr UNOMAHA U of Nebraska-Omaha [FH59] C*192.48.143.rrr CONTEL-SPFLD CONTEL-SpringfieldVA [47,MP139] C*192.48.144.rrr UNIPRESS-NET Unipress Soft Net [MG16] C*192.48.145.rrr BERUNET BERU [47,AR86] C*192.48.146.rrr-192.48.209.rrr Silicon Graphics, Inc [47,VS13] R 192.48.210.rrr OXY-NET Occidental College [47,PH73] R*192.48.211.rrr SEATTLEU-NET Seattle Univ [47,FL34] D 192.48.212.rrr NARDAC-NET1 OPSNET1 [47,DB] D 192.48.213.rrr NARDAC-NET2 OPSNET2 [47,DB] D 192.48.214.rrr NARDAC-NET3 OPSNET3 [47,DB] D 192.48.215.rrr NARDAC-NET4 OPSNET4 [47,DB] D 192.48.216.rrr NARDAC-NET5 OPSNET5 [47,DB] R 192.48.217.rrr OACIS-NET OACIS Net [GK44] R 192.48.218.rrr ISTO-NET ISTO Net [47,SC3] R 192.48.219.rrr DARPA-1555-NET DARPA 1555 Net [47,SC3] R 192.48.220.rrr DARPA-T1-NET DARPA T1 Net [47,SC3] C*192.48.221.rrr WHITTLE Whittle Comm Net [LS198] C*192.48.222.rrr KLA-INST KLA Corp LAN [47,PML1] R*192.48.223.rrr RHBNC-MATHS Maths Dept Local Net [26,RMD27] R*192.48.224.rrr NETCS-NET NETCS Net [26,CS218] C*192.48.225.rrr NTISC-CIM NTISC-CIMNET [SH160] R*192.48.226.rrr HFH-RADNET Radlogy Ether [47,BW138] C*192.48.227.rrr MERGETECH Med Imaging Net [12,DAR20] R*192.48.228.rrr DF86-HOME-E Faunt Home Ether [47,DF86] R*192.48.229.rrr DF86-HOME-S Faunt Home Slip [47,DF86] R*192.48.230.rrr EDRCNET UK EDRC Net [26,LM185] C*192.48.231.rrr GUUG-NET Munich GUUG Net [GB169] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 60]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 R*192.48.232.rrr ASYLUM-NET Asylum Rsch Net [47,JLR4] R 192.48.233.rrr VILLANOVA Mathsci Villanova [47,NN20] C*192.48.234.rrr WIMSEY-NET Wimsey Assoc Rsch Net [47,SL122] C*192.48.235.rrr BAY-DIGI-NET Baylor Dig Net [47,RT147] R*192.48.236.rrr U-PGH-MEDNET U-PGH-Victoria-Hall [47,RJY2] R*192.48.237.rrr U-PGH-TXSNET U-PGH-Falk Clinic [47,RJY2] G*192.48.238.rrr DOEHQ Dept of Energy, HQ [TMR11] C*192.48.239.rrr GHB-LAN01 Corp I LAN [CB201] C*192.48.240.rrr GHB-LAN02 Portland Plant LAN [CB201] C*192.48.241.rrr GHB-LAN03 Chicago Sales LAN [CB201] D*192.48.242.rrr USACRREL U.S. Army CRREL Net [26,GD80] D*192.48.243.rrr USACRRELAK U.S. Army CRRELAK Net [26,GD80] R*192.48.244.rrr HK-VME-NET Heurikon Corp VME [CP108] R*192.48.245.rrr HK-ENG-NET Heurikon Corp Engr [CP108] C*192.48.246.rrr ITP-NET ITP Boston Network [QF] C*192.48.247.rrr CCNAIBFIR Fixed Income Research [47,PAG14] C*192.48.248.rrr CYBER-MELB Cybergraphics Ltd [47,PH111] C*192.48.249.rrr TI-DAD1 Texas Instru DAD1 [2,WM110] C*192.48.250.rrr TI-DAD2 Texas Instru DAD2 [26,WM110] C*192.48.251.rrr ITT-SEMICON2 Apollo Sun Valid [47,TS144] C*192.48.252.rrr ITT-SEMICON3 Apollo Sun Valid [47,TS144] R*192.48.253.rrr UCTNET UCT Campus Network [FG51] C*192.48.254.rrr SAUER1 Sauer Machine's LAN [BW143] 192.48.255.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] G*192.49.0.rrr-192.49.255.rrr VTKK-ASIAKKAAT [47,PI7] R*192.50.0.rrr-192.51.255.rrr Japan Inet [JM292] 192.52.0.rrr-223.255.254.rrr Unassigned [NIC] *223.255.255.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] Other Reserved Internet Addresses * Internet Address Name Network References - ---------------- ---- ------- ---------- Multicast [11,JBP] Reserved [JBP] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 61]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 Network Totals Assigned for the ARPA-Internet and the DDN-Internet Class A B C Total Research 17 415 1626 2058 Defense 9 248 887 1144 Government 1 34 114 149 Commercial 6 70 39 115 Total 33 767 2666 3466 Allocated for Internet and Independent Uses Class A B C Total Research 17 911 4271 5199 Defense 9 285 958 1252 Government 1 63 417 481 Commercial 6 265 6967 7238 Total 33 1524 12613 14170 Maximum Allowed Class A B C Total Research 8 1024 65536 66568 Defense 24 3072 458752 461848 Government 24 3072 458752 461848 Commercial 74 9214 1114137 1123394 Total 126 16382 2097150 2113658 Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 62]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM NUMBERS The Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) [41,43] specifies that groups of gateways may form autonomous systems. The EGP provides a 16-bit field for identifying such systems. The values of this field are registered here. Autonomous System Numbers: Number System Name Contact ------ ---------------------------------- ------- 1 The BBN Core Gateways [MB] 2 DCN-AS [DLM1] 3 The MIT Gateways [RH164] 4 ISI-AS [JKR1] 5 SYMBOLICS [SE31] 6 HIS-MULTICS [JLM23] 7 UK-MOD [RNM1] 8 RICE-AS [PGM] 9 CMU-ROUTER [MA] 10 CSNET-PDN-AS [RDR4] 11 HARVARD [SB28] 12 NYU-DOMAIN [EF5] 13 BRL-AS [RR33] 14 COLUMBIA-GW [BC14] 15 NET DYNAMICS EXP [ZSU] 16 LBL [WG] 17 PURDUE-CS [DT50] 18 UTEXAS [LSV] 19 CSS-DOMAIN [RA11] 20 UR [LB16] 21 RAND [JDG] 22 NOSC [RLB3] 23 RIACS-AS [DG28] 24 AMES-NAS-GW [MF31] 25 UCB [MK17] 26 CORNELL [JCH17] 27 UMDNET [MP12] 28 DFVLR-SYS [GB7] 29 YALE-AS [HML1] 30 SRI-AICNET [WMT] 31 CIT-CS [AD22] 32 STANFORD [PA5] 33 DEC-WRL-AS [BKR] 34 UDEL-EECIS [NMM] 35 MICATON [WDL] 36 EGP-TESTOR [PEM4] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 63]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 37 NSWC [DAF9] 38 UIUC [AKC] 39 NRL-ITD [AP] 40 MIT-TEST [NC3] 41 AMES [MSM1] 42 THINK-AS [BJN1] 43 BNL-AS [GR9] 44 S1-DOMAIN [RAK12] 45 LLL-TIS-AS [NAL] 46 RUTGERS [RM8] 47 USC-OBERON [DRS4] 48 NRL-AS [WF3] 49 ICST-AS [CWH3] 50 ORNL-MSRNET [THD] 51 USAREUR-EM-AS [FWD] 52 UCLA [RBW] 53 NORTHROP-AS [RSM1] 54 COA-FIN-NET-AS [RR26] 55 UPENN-CIS [IW5] 56 OPTIMIS-P [GPL1] 57 UMN-REI-UC [TJ] 58 DREA-AS [GLH5] 59 WISC-MADISON-AS [EJN1] 60 DARPA-BFLY [MB] 61 DEC-MARLBORO-AS [JM60] 62 TEKVAXC [TE16] 63 LL-MI [KLS24] 64 MITRE-B-AS [BSW] 65 LOGNET-AS [JR15] 66 ETL-AI [MMM3] 67 SDC-PRC-AS [MS22] 68 LANL-INET-AS [PCW] 69 WHARTON-AS [HK2] 70 NLM-GW [JA1] 71 HP-INTERNET-AS [DCL10] 72 SCHLUMBERGER-AS [CG64] 73 WASHINGTON-AS [DJ99] 74 XDRENET-AS [TS31] 75 ANL-AS [LW26] 76 SDC-CAM-AS [DSR] 77 JHUAPL-AS [SAK3] 78 SSDF-CDC-GW [RE22] 79 DSPO-HC-AS [BT5] 80 GE-CRD [JC106] 81 TUCC-MCNC [JRR14] 82 TWG-DEMO-AS [JS171] 83 PICANET-AS [RFD1] 84 DTNSRDC-AS1 [RWT2] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 64]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 85 AERO-NET [LCN] 86 SURANET-AS [JH92] 87 INDIANA-AS [BS69] 88 PRINCETON-AS [LRR1] 89 NUSC-CSTLNET-AS [MP20] 90 SUN-AS [WM3] 91 RPI-AS [MS9] 92 CLARKSON-AS [ABS6] 93 FORD-AS [KR9] 94 BELVOIR-NET [MDS30] 95 NUSCLSB1 [RPP] 96 JTELS-BEN1-AS [RR26] 97 JVNC-AS [SH37] 98 ROCKEFELLER-AS [MK38] 99 INTEL-IWARP [WM10] 100 FMC-CEL [KW2] 101 WASH-NSF-AS [SH47] 102 NSF-HQ-AS [FW17] 103 NWU-AS [JPD18] 104 COLORADO-AS [DCMW] 105 GSWD-VMS-AS [PEK] 106 ETN-WLV-AS [SMS1] 107 ECSNET-AS [CAL7] 108 XEROX-AS [DCS] 109 CISCOSYSTEMS [KSL] 110 XAIT-AS [AL6] 111 BOSTONU-AS [BS24] 112 CMU-SEI-AS [PDB5] 113 SCCNET-AS [MJO4] 114 SESQUINET-AS [GTA] 115 PBAS-BEN2-GW-AS [RR26] 116 BELLCORE-AS [PK28] 117 ALBM-NET-AS [NB16] 118 NSWSES-NAVY-AS [DD41] 119 AMS-AS [SBW4] 120 MITRE-OMAHA [SM62] 121 IH-POE-AS [LK27] 122 U-PGH-NET-AS [SM6] 123 LOGAIRCOMNET-AS [GT37] 124 ENCORE-GW-AS [DK70] 125 HI-NET-AS [DB97] 126 MINSY-POE-AS [CV14] 127 JPL-AS [JAW16] 128 ADS-AS [MB26] 129 CDA-AS [FJS3] 130 CSOCNET-AS [JJD12] 131 UCSB-NET-AS [AKS31] 132 WPAFB-CSD-NET-AS [CMC6] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 65]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 133 AFIT-AS [DWD20] 134 CORONA-GW-AS [LM35] 135 BRL-CDCNET-GW-AS [RR33] 136 ECONET-AS [TD40] 137 ITALY-AS [ABB2] 138 BRL-CMCGW-AS [RR33] 139 NUWESNET-AS [RM125] 140 DAITC-NET-AS [CG24] 141 NWCNET-AS [EG17] 142 WESTPOINT [RLR23] 143 OOG1-AS [JD86] 144 ATT-INTERNET [HT19] 145 NSFNET-CORE [HWB] 146 HQEIS-AS [SMK2] 147 NAVCAMS-LAN-AS [JM246] 148 NWSC-GW-AS [JA91] 149 ADEL-AS [CM115] 150 SEANET-AS [JH10] 151 IND-NTC-AS [AB98] 152 SRI-ACCATT-AS [RDQ] 153 SAAD-ARPA-AS [DRM24] 154 USACEC-NET-AS [DEA] 155 CACNET-AS [BG25] 156 NORTHEASTERN-GW-AS [CJ38] 157 INTELLIAUTON [RJL3] 158 ACC-AS [AB20] 159 SONNET-AS [MF74] 160 U-CHICAGO-AS [MC17] 161 TI-AS [DF71] 162 NOSL-POE-AS [DB211] 163 IBM-RESEARCH-AS [JP247] 164 DDN-MB-AS [RH6] 165 NESEA-DDN-GW-AS [DT59] 166 IDA-AS [MM227] 167 WESLEYAN-AS [JGD1] 168 UMASS-AMHERST [ASG] 169 HANSCOM-NET-AS [DD63] 170 YKTNPOE-GW-AS [WRR5] 171 NORTHWESTNET-AS [GK44] 172 CSDA-AS [LJC2] 173 NTT-AS [KM82] 174 NYSERNET-AS [MF19] 175 AFWL-AS [BSR] 176 BCN-AS [JRC27] 177 MERIT-AS [HWB] 178 IBMYORKTOWN-AS [HWB] 179 IBMMILFORD-AS [HWB] 180 MCIRESTON-AS [HWB] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 66]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 68]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 DOCUMENTS
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 [ Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 107]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 partition, but rather by specific assignment. Also, organizations not currently affiliated with the Internet may be assigned numbers for networks for non-connected service. If at some later time such networks are connected to the Internet (with appropriate prermissions and approvals) the networks need not be renumbered. Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 108]
RFC 1117 Internet Numbers August 1989 Authors' Addresses Sue Romano SRI International Network Information Systems Center 333 Ravenswood Avenue, EJ217 Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: (415) 859-5539 Email: SUE@NIC.DDN.MIL

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