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RFC 0580

NWG/RFC# 580                                  JBP 25-OCT-73 06:00  19849
note to protocol designers and implementers

 Hereafter proposed protocols shall be submitted in the form of
on-line documents, preferably as nls files at the Network
Information Center. This will greatly facilitate the review
process and enable editorial and substantive changes to proceed
quickly. This also will permit timely updating of protocol
documents as may be neccessitated by future decisions. On-line
documents are also easily distributed to the network community.
If you find great difficulty in complying with this request
please contact me.                                                     

It should be noted by all Telnet protocol readers and especially
implementers that all the existing Telnet Options that involve
subnegotiation are modified [see RFC 562] to terminate the
subnegotiation strings with IAC SE. The value of SE is 240. Also
note that within subnegotiations the occurance of a byte with the
value 255 [IAC] requires doubling that byte on transmission.           

Please note that my address has changed to:
     Jon Postel
     The MITRE Corporation
     Mail Stop W185
     Westgate Research Park
     McLean, Virginia 22101

     Phone: (703) 893-3500 x2350

On-line messages will reach me addressed to either
     JBP in the NIC Journal.

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