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RFC 0251

Network Working Group                           D. Stern
Request for Comment No. 251                     CCA
NIC No. 7692                                    13 October 1971
Updates:  None
Obsoletes:  None

                              WEATHER DATA

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The USAF Environmental Technical Applications Center (ETAC) is providing weather data for the ARPA Network. Ultimately there will be ten years of high quality surface and upper air weather observations, as well as hemispheric grid point analyses. The observations are generated by approximately 5000 surface and 1200 upper air stations, distributed all over the world. The data is to be available via the datacomputer, a specialized node of the ARPA Network that is dedicated to the management of shared data bases and designed to accommodate large ones. The datacomputer, currently under development by Computer Corporation of America (CCA), will provide services* for the use of these data bases, including the weather data. A working group has been formed to design the data base, coordinate its implementation with the development of the datacomputer, plan testing, project uses, and resolve a variety of technical issues associated with its size and complexity. Prospective users, working members, or interested parties should contact: Dale H. Stern Computer Corporation of America 575 Technology Square Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 617-491-3670 * See
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